10 Studios That Find Clients Easier Because They Have Funny Websites

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Off course you need a great portfolio, some known logos in the clients area, and a cool identity. But can’t you be a little bit funny or something? What if I tell you that over 65% of the clients would choose a design studio with at least one joke on the homepage? OK, not true, but Hey, nobody made this kind of study yet!



Happy Webbies


Crispin Porter + Bokuski


Ultra Super New






Francesco Mugnai




Rockstar Ninja




Designer Slash Model


Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Thanks for the list! Great Stuff!

  • Hey gents, thanks for the nod. Undoubtedly, we get more inquiries about work through our personalities on the website than anywhere else. People like to work with people who are talented, trust-worthy, and like-able. If we can knock out 2 out of 3, right out of the gate, why not?


  • Great idea for successful portfolio.

  • Yep it works and it rocks!

  • You have great examples of humour that works. The thing is it has to be carefully thought and and executed well or it can backfire. And of course it goes without saying that the portfolio can’t be weak – otherwise being clever doesn’t matter….

  • Great :)

  • Nice compilation. Looks like clients are looking for something different. http://www.cockybox.com

  • Always feel happy when I see nice looking companies sites like these. There has to be more web design studios with great portfolios:)

  • Wonderful claims and beautiful designs!! We love fresh and funny websites

  • Great! :)

  • Mick

    Check out http://www.flopculture.com. It’s hilarious!

  • I still an not able to muster the courage to put cuss words and abnormal images and things that just are unprofessional.

    Some of the sites may offend users, and Id rather stay reserved rather than risk a big client over a contoversial word or image.

  • JO

    I’m with you Charlotte. I had a debate over this issue with my sister, and ultimately concluded I can’t take these types of sites seriously. BUT since these sites are successful, I think it might come down to a personality match. I bet these sites appeal more to younger risk-takers than older, established clients.