10 New Websites Every Designer Should Know

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1. Paper

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Paper, I can only assume you live under a rock. Made for the iPad, Paper lets you draw, write, and mix colors on a plain, retina-resolution space. It’s a powerful tool, with many applications for the creative.


2. Coderwall

Coderwall emerged in 2012 as the one-stop shop for designers to share code, answer programming questions, and gather advice. It does more than aggregate activity, however; it also helps designers establish their reputations and strengthen their networks. What are you waiting for? Go join.

Coder Wall

3. Ten Paces and Draw

Ten Paces and Draw started in 2011, but it really took off in the past year. It is a platform for illustrators to collaborate through fast and fun weekly challenges. Sketches are made and swapped between new and experienced illustrators alike.

Ten Paces and Draw

4. Wireframe

Wireframe.cc is a new, minimal wireframing tool that allows you to create simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps. Before you dive into all that HTML, take time to visualize your design with this intuitive tool.


5. Lost Type Co-Op

There are lots of free fonts out there, but Lost Type Co-op is the first ever pay-what-you-want type foundry. Carefully curated, Lost Type won’t make you sort through piles of tacky, knock-off fonts. And if you do decide to pay, you can feel good knowing 100 percent of your hard-earned dough is supporting the font designer.

Lost Type Co-op

6. Agile Designers

Agile Designers is updated daily with new resources, design freebies, tutorials, and inspiration. The easily searchable content is voted on and updated by a community of designers, so it functions as a dowsing rod for design trends.

Agile Designers

7. Premium Pixels

The resources of one-man graphic design powerhouse Orman Clark, Premium Pixels is full of “free stuff for creative folk.” Hey, that’s you!

Premium Pixels

8. WordPress Remote

Designers can’t escape WordPress. WordPress Remote now lets you track and manage multiple WordPress sites from one place. Organize your sites into groups, back them up, update themes, take notes, and access the remote from your mobile phone.

WordPress Remote

9. SlabText

This is a jQuery plugin that creates responsive headlines. Your text will adjust to fit changing viewport sizes while maintaining the original design emphasis and integrity. It’s fun to play with, too.


10. Other Icons

What designer’s list would be complete without icons? This set is like candy – very cool candy. They’re fully scalable too, so go get ’em while you can.




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