10 Most Stylish iPad RSS Readers

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This is a guest post by Vadim – one of the curators of the Stylish iPad apps tumblog. They post the most visually stunning apps in App store on a daily basis. Today, Vadim will introduce us to a list of 10 most stylish RSS readers for iPad. Sync your Google reader account, Tweeter profile or any RSS feed and get news in style.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications

2. TweertMag

TweetMag is a social magazine that reduces the noise that often plagues Twitter.

3. Readerrific

Readerrific for iPad is fantastic, and it can’t be easier to get access to your Google Reader and stay synchronized with those great stories you subscribed.

4. Highly Visual

Highly Visual is a new kind of RSS reader designed for creative individuals

5. FLUD mobile 2.0

Introducing a new kind of social news reader. Flud is a place where everyone has a news personality. For the first time ever, the things you read give you topical credibility among your friends and followers.

6. River of News for Google Reader

River of News is a RSS reader for the iPad that syncs with your Google Reader account

7. Reeder for iPad

Stylish Google Reader Client

8. Spatik 

Spatik connects your Google Reader, Twitter, and Bit.ly accounts to allow automated sharing every 15 minutes

9. PicStroom

PicStroom is a beautiful application that makes following images from websites easy and engaging

10. Evri for iPad

Discover the world’s first topic-based newsreader

That’s it! Your turn – what’s your favorite RSS reader for iPad or iPhone?

Vadim is one of the curators of the Stylish iPad apps tumblog. They post the most visually stunning apps in App store on a daily basis.

  • Where’s Feedly?

  • No feedly? Happy holidays!

  • While I love Feedly and I would have included it in my list. It’s still Vadim’s list of the 10 iPad rss readers that he thinks are the most stylish. Sure you can say “I like Feedly”, but commenting on his actual article provides more feedback instead of just saying he forgot your favorite reader. This list introduced me to a lot of other rss readers that I may try out as an alternative to Feedly. In particular, FLUD mobile 2.0 looks pretty interesting. Thank you for that.

  • Nice and helpful for readers. I found very nice article about Ipad and iphone application.

  • really helping and me also missing feedly as 11th stylish resource. thanks

  • Ithi

    Im using Reeder but maybe its time to change :) Thanks for showing alternatives i will check some.

  • I’ve been looking for some new RSS readers and a couple of these fit the bill nicely. Thanks. :)