10 high quality crowdsourced logos

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While still a very controversial concept, crowdsourcing has become extremely popular within the last two to three years. It used to be that if you needed something completed, like the creation of a company logo, then you would have to hire an expensive design company who would then return with a few ideas. And it’s still the right way, if you can afford that!

But today, however the world is much different and some are using crowdsourcing to get fast results for smaller budgets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means that instead of using the traditional methods of hiring a company or a single freelancer, you are obtaining the needed services or content by collecting contributions from a large group of people or an online community.

One such crowdsourcing company is Crowdsite, the company was founded in 2009 by Roel Masselink as a spin-off of a software development company. The company originates in the Netherlands however, it has quickly grown from a local success to a global success that stretches across borders.

One thing that sets Crowdsite apart from competitors such as 99Designs or Designcrowd is the fact that they have a European origin. Furthermore, unlike other competitors, the company doesn’t rely on investors that can dictate how they should run their business. This also means that the company is more focused on product quality than the product quantitiy.

Every business owner will tell you that the company logo can make or break your company. While that might seem a bit oversimplified, the truth is if you have a crappy looking logo, then no one will ever take your company seriously, whereas if your logo looks professional, then people will almost expect that your products come with a certain quality.

Below we’ve gathered 10 logos that have been created through the use of crowdsourcing.

1. Designer Awards

2. Combi Frites

3. Cup 14 Tournaments

4. Perfect Drive

5. Bella Vista

6. Michel Van ‘T Ende Producties

7. Rolling Beans

8. Swixe

9. Ultimum

10. Snowfish

all images courtesy of Crowdsite

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