10 Great 3-D Typography Videos

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If you are a fan of typography , you will love the Internet. There are plenty of examples of amazing 3-D typography videos all over the web, most offering inspiration to the designers who love to see others’ works. If you are one of those who likes getting a peek into the process of other typographers, check out these interesting video clips.

1. Optimize

This video shows a jagged, shifting lettering that appears almost to be made of folded paper, such as in origami. It was made in 3D Studio Max and shows how you can create something cool looking but ultimately simple. The font itself is fairly complex, with a lot of depth added without much detail. An interesting study, to be sure.

2. Type Fluid Experiment “Z”

This is the final in a set of letters created with the same liquid effect. A milklike substance is created to fill through a preset space, making up the letter “Z.” It is beautifully made, with a ton of detail and well-processed movement. The slight shifts in the liquid already set at the bottom give it further realism, without taking away from the hard edges of the shape itself, which is done in full 3-D.

3. We Believe

While many ads try to use 3-D lettering, this one does it with true style and sleek quality. It goes through a set of ideals and shows each one through 3-D letters, with visual representations of each concept. It is cool and catches the attention of the viewer immediately, with a kind of futuristic tone. The lettering used is amazingly done.

4. Evil/Hate/Love

This is a truly creative video that no one will be able to look at without being deeply impressed. There is a single set of 3-D letters with bright, lighted colors. Each new angle shows a different word from the same sculpture, alternating between love, evil and hate. The video is very cool, and it makes you feel as though you are actually in the room viewing a piece of art.

5. Rockwell

Made in After Effects with the standard tools, this tribute to the font Rockwell is a great little homage to a typeface that is often taken for granted. The 3-D letters are made with shadow effects as we sour through a book, revisiting the printing process that is becoming obsolete in our digital age. It’s fun and has a great soundtrack.

6. 3D Typography

This is a medium you don’t often see. Instead of using a digital program to create 3-D letters, this video shows them in real life out of wood-made lettering. It is as true to 3-D as you can get, in every sense of the word. While the font itself is a little bit sloppy, it is an interesting experiment in an old method of art.

7. Type City

See a world where 3-D letters are a regular part of the landscape. From large letters traveling the road as cars to pieces popping out of the ground or the sides of buildings made of brick, they travel the city as a part of it. It is a fun little video created by the designer for a personal project.

8. Nerd Recognize Nerd

This is a logo that the designer created back in 2007 that uses shifting 3-D letters to move together, break apart and then rejoin once again. The background noise is interesting and brings the whole thing together like a small video slot.

9. 3D Type Animation – Between the Lines

A mish mash of letters comes together and then breaks apart to form the sentence “Read between the lines.” While short, it is a cool little animation that uses a unique color scheme and somehow bouncy movement to keep the eye of the viewer.

10. Luke 77 Reel ’09

This professional-looking mashup of concepts was a reel for graphic designer Luke Yoo, who showed the best of his portfolio in a number of experiments, including 3-D fonts. It shows how you can create something of high quality and creativeness while focusing on a number of ideas at once.

Show us your favorite 3-D typography videos below!

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Tom Chu works at PsPrint, a company specializing in online printing. PsPrint offers an array of free tools, for example we have online tools that lets you make your own business cards online.

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