10 graphic design cheat sheets

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I love cheat sheets. They’re not only handy, they’re practically essential for many graphic designers who are expected to know a never-ending list of numbers and codes: standard sizes for various applications, color hex codes, basic web languages, and, of course, myriad keyboard shortcuts for powerful graphic design software.

Unless you have a photographic memory (and you do not, my friend), there is no way you can possibly retain so much specific information with error-free recall. Looking up the information every single time is cumbersome and time-wasting. Cheat sheets make it easy for you to quickly reference the information you need so you can stop searching for answers and get back to creating. As such, here are 10 indispensable graphic design cheat sheets you should print today.

1. Color Emotion Guide by The Logo Company

There are a lot of “psychology of color” infographics on the web, but this one takes the premise a step further by not only listing the emotions generated by specific colors, but also by listing real-world examples so you can see how those colors are employed by some of the world’s top brands.

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2. Landing Page Optimization by Marketo

This cheat sheet is text-heavy, sure, but it also features a landing page design layout and tons of useful information for crafting a landing page design that converts a lot of customers. If you design to sell, you need this cheat sheet.

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3. iOS and Android Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet by Kinvey

If you design for digital, you need to be able to design for mobile as well. Learn the basic design properties required for two of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world – iOS and Android – with this cheat sheet.

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4. WordPress Help Sheet by QuicklyCode

If you design WordPress themes, you might want to take charge of your own development. Become an expert in no time with this WordPress Help Sheet, which lists common reference files and PHP snippets and what they do.

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5. 10 Graphic Cheat Sheets



6. CSS3 Cheat Sheet by GoSquared and Smashing Magazine

You can’t be a master of web design without extensive knowledge of CSS, particularly CSS3. This cheat sheet is the perfect reference tool for speedy CSS work.

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7. HTML5 Cheat Sheet by Smashing Magazine

Do you know the newest HTML5 properties? Become a better coder-designer with this awesome cheat sheet by the authority on design.

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8. Social Media Design Blueprint Cheat Sheet by TentSocial

Design with the proper dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram with this exhaustive resource.

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9. The Psychology of Color by Techking

Another color cheat sheet, yes, but what I like about this one is that it drops the pretense and simply lays out the differences in color perception as it pertains to branding.

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10. Ad Design Cheat Sheet for Online Advertising by Ad Chop

One of the seriously best cheat sheets on the web! If you design online ads, this cheat sheet shows you the appropriate A/B split testing partners so you can maximize your design’s return on investment.

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What are your favorite graphic design cheat sheets?

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