10 Fresh Blogs for Visual Inspiration – the November Edition

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Month after month we’re serving roundups of fresh blogs for your inspiration thirst. This time we have 10 amazing websites with tons of inspirational posts and ideas. Please share your suggestions and opinions in the comments. What’s your favorite?

Design Investigator


Design Investigators is a website dedicated to asking the world’s most infamous web & graphic designers questions that most of us designers may be wondering

New Work


NewWork is a collective of young people working in new media. On this platform they share their inspiration and latest work

Ocon Design


Here you will find a collection of articles on graphic design and all things related.Take a look around and feel free to leave comment



Cool new design inspiration blog. Check it out!

Echo Enduring


Echo Enduring Media is the online presence of me, Matt Ward. I like to call myself a digital artist – by which I simply mean that I am an artist who works primarly through digital means



Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience



Grafpedia is one of the fast growing design community around the world. Topics we covered include Photoshop tutorials and Free premium downloads



Webdo.me is a blog by Kristian Polso. Kristian is a 20 years old Web Entrepreneur from Finland

Designer Interviews


We intend to give you the best insight to all those well known and not so well known Designers around the world

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

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  • Wow! Thanks for including the Echo Enduring Blog in here! That’s really great!

    Would it be wrong to say that EEB is my favorite? ;)

    Actually, I really dig the soft monochrome colours of Design Investigator, and I love the bold colours of Grafpedia.

    I’ll be checking out all the sites though.
    Thanks again!

  • Thanks for including Design Investigator!

    Great list.

  • Grafpedia is one of my favorite blogs, and a lot of the time it’s simply to look at. Great list through and through and good work to all those on it. Definitely deservedly so.

  • yeah..nice design website..with good design

  • Frank

    Grafpedia is one of my favorite too. to be honest now a days is very hard to find good blogs with good photoshop tutorials for weblayouts. With Grafpedia i have learned to earn money doing web layouts for my clients and that’s why this is my favourite blog from this list.

  • Thanks for the great post. All the blogs featured have a wealth resources .Thank you for including ocondesign.com in the mix.

  • MonoModa really looks excellent ! Thanks for this great showcase.

  • It is inspiring to ogle these beautifully designed sites and dream of what mine could look like if it wasn’t so crap… http://www.fredhatman.co.za seriously needs a radical overhaul. But I’m a writer for whom only content comes easily… any of you design gurus have any advice for me? Thanks! Fred

  • Great blogs here. Thanks for the list.

  • Thanks guys! if you want us to feature other websites in a next post, feel free to leave here the links

    @fred how about checking our WordPress category and looking for a new WP theme? awesome content!

  • thank you so very much for inspirative post with example could take some idea from that

  • nice collection…thanks

  • Wow, thanks for the great post. I really appreciate you by feature my blog here!

  • Great blogs here. Thanks for the list.

  • a strong list. Perhaps you could split the list next time in two different categories: web and graphic design.

  • Great list.

    Although my blog http://businesscards24.com would be a good addition to the list. Lots of creative business card designs every day.

  • Great list of blogs, I was searching for this kind of list, thank’s for sharing!

  • Very nice blog designs. Except of Monomoda blog I like them all :)

    The best design IMO is of designerinterviews.com.

  • Very pleased to see MONOmoda on here! Thanks alot!

  • ,..] http://www.inspiredm.com is one another relavant source on this subject,..]