10 fantastic free thin line icon sets

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With the emergence of the flat design trend leading the way for the past year, thin line icon sets have been increasingly popular. We all love icons, especially those well designed, clean and minimalistic icon sets that seem to work just right in our layout. So it’s a good idea to have a good collection of icons at your disposal.

I have carefully hand-picked this collection of 10 fantastic, super high quality, free flat design icon packs. I hope you will find something that comes in handy for your next project. Enjoy.

1. 48 Icons by Robin Kylander

2. OtherCircles Thin Line Icon Set

OtherCircles Thin Line Icon Set

3. Free Budicon Icons

4. 79 Animal Line Icons

79 Animal Line Icon Set

5. Social Media Line Icons

6. 36 Line Icons by Ava

7. 20 Thin Line Icons

8. 56 Thin Stroke Icons

9. Feather Icon Set

10. Simple Line Icons

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of great free thin line icon sets. What icon set did you find most useful from this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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