10 Excellent Services To Get Feedback For Your Design Works

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Everybody wants to receive feedback from friends about their hard work, but sometimes we also need opinions coming from complete strangers, maybe some rough critiques about aspects we might have overlooked. This way we could get some ideas on how to upgrade the work. Here are 10 excellent feedback services you should start using right now.

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Five Second Test


A simple & Free online usability test that helps you identify the most prominent elements of your user interfaces.

Concept Feedback


Designed specifically for small and medium business marketers, graphic designers, and web developers, Concept Feedback provides a simple tool to get quality feedback on marketing concepts. Best of all, it’s 100% FREE!

Design Critique


Challenge: Respond to any of our tweets critiquing a site design. Remember, it’s 140 characters MAX.



If you make an account, then push Broadcast and ask the awesome community for a design critique, you’ll get some feedback right away. Tip: don’t expect to be positive!



Create an online test and start collecting visual 360 feedback for your website or image in five minutes.

Feedback Army


Start a usability test for your web project in two minutes. Submit questions about your site and receive ten responses from our reviewers. The cost is $10.



1. Create usability test scenarios. 2. Invite testers to record the test through a link. 3. Watch and hear real people use your app.

Get Satisfaction


Get Satisfaction provides customer communities for products and organizations.



Your customers have great ideas. Are you ready to listen? Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action.



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