10 Cool Non-Design Blogs You Should Check for Daily Inspiration

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I know, I know, your RSS reader is more crowded than the gadget mall in China, but please – don’t hesitate to check out these websites. Most of them are not even related to design, but there’s a chance to inspire you more than the others. As usual, feel free to share other suggestions in the comments.

Learn Something Everyday


Three Frames


The Awesomer






Soul Pancake


What Consumes Me


Not Always Right


False Facts


Cardon Copy


Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • What Consumes Me is one of my fav blogs at the moment… nice list

    • fff


  • Glad you like it, thx

  • Nice list. Inspiration outside of the Design realm is always welcome. Keep us all fresh and not Copy machines :)

  • This is a cool list! I checked out some of the sites on this list and ….. pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • threeframes is my new favorite

  • Nice list. Thanks for the heads up.

  • meg

    (( great list! thanks! :D ))

  • hey, I think INSPIRIONARY should be on this wonderfull list: inspirionary.blogspot.com

  • Thanks for featuring False Facts!
    How ironic is it that I also love Learn Something Everyday?
    Everything on this list is awesome.

  • always nice to have some non design blogs on my RSS, thanks

  • Thanks for the list. That’s pretty useful.

  • love the collection.. “what consumes me” is pretty cool.. ^^

  • mark reeves

    You should check out this blog: http://vickygoldblog2.wordpress.com/

    It’s written by a new performance artist in London. She’s hot and mad. She gets into a lot of trouble. At the moment she’s striking against her modelling career.

  • Allycia Uccello

    Very interesting sites.

  • Not Always Right often keeps me sane.

  • nice list, thank yoouu!!!!

  • thanks for the mention!
    -the awesomer gang

  • Valerie

    I love Learn Something Everyday! <3 it's so random…and awesome

  • Thanks for this list. Here, in return, you can have the last 3 hours of my life.

  • These are great! Thank you very much!

  • List is great, some interesting blogs I’ll definitely keep coming back to.

  • Dave Walker

    Why is We Heart not in there?

  • amy
  • Sergi

    Very interesting! Thank u!

  • Ues, but not everthing black and white, something is gray :)


  • Si

    Soul Pancake is cool…love things to ponder type stuff

  • these are beautiful and thanks for that

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  • Unlillundutty
  • have a gander and fe-fe-fe-feedback

  • emma

    http://fridaysomewhere.blogspot.com/- It Must Be Friday Somewhere

  • I’m trying to start up a sweet blog that has all kinds of interesting information, help, and facts. You guys should check it out: http://www.pinedoland.blogger.com

    Make sure you follow, and give me any feedback. Thanks!

  • rahul


    visit http://www.shriruchir.tumblr.com

    thr u find lots of cool nd awsme stuff……….

  • Jack


    This girl’s got a unique sense of humor. The website gives you something new to do everyday.

  • I like the The Awesomer one. Thanks for the list.

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