10 Comic Book Photoshop Tutorials

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Have you ever wanted to turn your favorite photos and subjects into comic-like scenes and characters? You can achieve fun comic book effects for your photos with a few tweaks in Photoshop, as described by the following 10 comic book Photoshop tutorials. Pow!

1. Comic Book Effect Tutorial

Turn any scene into a highly stylized comic book panel using the filters and other Photoshop techniques detailed in this tutorial.

Comic Book Effect

2. Create a Graphic Novel with Photos

Want to take the shortcut to being the next Frank Miller? Start by learning how to create your own graphic novel using photos instead of illustrations!

Graphic Comic Strip

3. Stylized Comic Book Effect

Turn portraits into pixelated illustrations with the tips you’ll learn in this Photoshop tutorial.

Stylized Comic Book

4. Turn Photos of People Into Line Art

This is the perfect tutorial if you want to strip a photo down to the subject’s basic outline, then color it in yourself.

Line Art

5. Fun Comic Book Effect

Make any photo, website, or album instantly more fun with the tips and tricks described in this tutorial.

Fun Comic Book

6. Turn A Photo Into A Cartoon Illustration

Give your portrait a hand-illustrated cartoon appearance with a few simple clicks simply by incorporating the techniques you’ll learn in this Photoshop tutorial.

Cartoon Illustration

7. Tim Bradstreet Effect

Mimic the style of Tim Bradstreet with the tips and tricks outlined in this tutorial for Photoshop.

Tim Bradstreet Effect

8. Lichtenstein-Inspired Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein was a comic master in the ’60s, popularizing Benday dots and incorporating colorful onomatopoeia into his decides.  Here’s how you can replicate his pop art for your own designs.

Lichtenstein Inspired

9. How To Make Photoshop Cartoons In About One Minute

Pressed for time, but still want a simple cartoon effect for your design? Master this quick and easy technique, and you’ll have comic book quality designs ready to print in no time.

1 Minute Cartoon

10. Photoshop Comic Book Effect Tutorial

Many comic tutorials only show you how to use one filter. This tutorial shows you how to use as series of filters to add quality to your Photoshop comic book graphics.

Photoshop Comic Book Effect

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