10 Brilliant Uses of Typography in Web Design

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As a graphic designer, one of my first loves in design came with typography. I once read that web design is 90% typography; while some may say this is a bit of a stretch, it is true that along with color, layout and other design elements, typography plays an essential role in the look and feel of your website. You can communicate strong, attention-grabbing statements to visitors with big, bold copy splashed across your landing page; or you can express the individuality behind your website with intricate text adorning your home page.

Whatever message you’d like to share with your online visitors, well thought out typography is a great starting point for doing so. Below is a roundup of some of my favorite uses of typography in web design. Use these brilliant examples as inspiration for your own website, or just sit back and enjoy the beauty of these beautiful pages. Know of another website that uses typography in a stellar way? Please share below! We’d love to drool over more web design eye candy with you.

Amazee Labs

Amazee Labs web design typography

Phoenix the Creative Studio

Phoenix web design typography

Griflan Design

Griflan Design web typography

The Garden Edit

The Garden Edit web design typography

Poppies Flowers

Poppies Flowers web design typography

Knuckles Industries

Knuckles Industries web design typography

Louder Than Ten

Louder Than Ten web design typography

Kingdom Coffee & Cycles

Kingdom Coffee web design typography

Paramore Digital

Paramore Digital web design typography

Polar Gold

Polar Gold web design typography

Jenna Stratman is a Graphic Designer currently residing in the Creative Crossroads of America, Kansas City. In love with the magic of design since a young age, she finds joy through color and typography in the things that surround her on a daily basis. And coffee. There's always time for coffee.

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