10 amazing and unexpected icon packs for designers

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Icons set are now a must have in any designer toolkit. You already know the famous ones: Font Awesome (the official Bootstrap icons), Foundation Icons (the Bootstrap competitor), Entypo or Iconic… But icons are like food, you need variety! So I’ve compiled for you this list of my favorite icon packs, created by the best icon designers in the market.

Disclaimer: the author of this article is himself an icon designer, and the creator of an icon font generator. This is a subjective choice based on his experience and tastes. Feel free to add your own favorite icon packs in the comments!

Pika Pack


A beautiful, friendly and comprehensive pack from my favorite icon designer: Dutch Icon. The chunky and curvy shapes give them a unique look. They are extremely legible, and elegant if you use them at small sizes, but you can also use them at large scale. The quality comes with a price, but you can also download the free set, including 42 vector icons.

Prime series


Elegant, well balanced and creative icons by Sodafish. A fantastic collection showing that minimalism can bring emotion and style. I find them friendly, just rounded enough to give a smooth appearance, but not too much to avoid a childish style. I wish these wonderful icons could be available as a full pack, and not only distributed via IstockPhoto!



The most artistic set of our Top 10 selection! Tim Boelaars  give a very personal touch to his monoline style collection. A lot of personality and details, an overall vintage feeling… So they are more usable as illustrations than as icons for navigation. Worth having in your toolkit!

Streamline Icons


With 1640 icons, this is the most massive icon set ever released. I’ve launched it a few weeks ago, and what make me proud is the “smart strokes” feature: you can adapt the icons thickness, as the shapes were designed using exclusively the strokes in Illustrator and Sketch. This is the only icon set proposing this adaptable feature. You can also download a free 100 icons set.

Fugue Icons


What?! Some old glossy pixel icons? I can hear you screaming :-) Well, even if this old school style is now overshadowed by the trendy flat style, Fugue icons is the most beautiful and complete pixel set ever created. 3922 icons! This is a monumental amount of work, designed with perfect taste. Most of the icons are built on a tiny 16px grid, but they are perfectly detailed, elegant and recognizable. A masterpiece that could make  a come back when we’ll turn bored of the flat style. I just wish Yusuke could create a vector version :-)



If you love the new flat style popularized by Google and LayerVault, this is the best choice: beautiful and consistent color scheme, bold but elegant design. A great icon set from the prolific UI Parade forge.



A comprehensive set focused on the must have icons for your application or website. A no-nonsense design, with a very recognizable chunky and square style. It will give to your app a modern and efficient appearance, and these sturdy icons remains legible even at very small sizes.



We sometimes needs more informal icons. The hand-drawn Steedicons set by Kyle Steed is perfect for designing mockups with a draft appearance, like Balsamiq popularize it. These icons will also looks good as illustrations, and give a warm human touch to your designs.



A comprehensive hand-drawn icon set, more complete and consistent than the Steedicons pack. It includes all the essential icons you will need to design an application or website layout, and the scribbled hatch style make it a more fun an artistic experience. You can also download a free icon set with 36 hand-drawn icons.



A monumental collection, and totally free! The style is not always consistent, even if the quality is going up since the beginning, but the large choice offered compensate it.  Would be great as a downloadable full package, even for a few bucks, to make it more easy to use.

That’s it folks, feel free to add a link to your favorite icon pack in the comments area.


Bonus Pack: Nasty Icons


A Not Safe For Work collection. Nobody knows what you can do with it, and I have no idea why I’ve created it ;-) But if you need to spice up your designs, you’ve found the icons that can reveal your naughty side ;-)


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