10 Best New, Free and Responsive WordPress Themes

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Content is king. You’ve heard the now clichéd, yet sage, advice. It’s telling that a platform initially developed for blogs has evolved into one of the world’s most popular and powerful content management systems. WordPress is no longer a blogging platform, though blogging remains the core focus. No, WordPress is anything from a blogging platform to a shopping cart to a social community website to, well, anything you want it to be.

As new web trends evolve, so does WordPress; and one area in which WordPress beats out competing platforms such as Joomla and Drupal is the number of free, modern, premium themes. That’s especially true for responsive themes, which essentially reshape content for any device without the need for a separate template. I don’t think any other open source CMS has as many incredible free response themes as WordPress, so I’ve listed 10 of the best new, free and responsive WordPress themes here.

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1. Thoughts

A bold WordPress theme that incorporates flat design and large images, perfect for a business website or blog. And it’s free!thoughts

2. Tetris

Created for blogging and personal portfolios, Tetris makes use of the masonry style to feature all kinds of content, from text to video. Tetris

3. Unique

I love Unique’s emphasis on large photos to tell the story. Some modern websites use images alone, but I think that practice sacrifices the power of copy. This theme melds the two perfectly.Unique

4. Attitude

This colorful responsive WordPress theme was developed by ThemeHorse, and would make a great theme for a corporate or business services website.  Attitude

5. Ajeeban

This WordPress theme features a versatile header that combines the powers of images and copy. It would make a good blog theme, but it would make a great theme for product spotlights.Ajeeban

6. Adapt

A clean, minimalist theme that features a slider and highlight boxes so you can showcase your portfolio, latest posts or whatever else you’d like to draw readers’ eyes to.


7. Glider

Some designers are going the other way, eschewing flat colors and large images for (almost) no colors or images at all. At first glance this free WordPress theme might seem bland, but what I think is that it emphasizes the content by avoiding distraction. You can place images and colors in your posts, after all!


8. Ribbon

And speaking of color, check out this brilliant WordPress theme by MyThemeShop. It’s a professional, graphic-driven layout that also features HTML5 tricks, such as those cool fading rollover buttons.Ribbon

9. Something Fishy

One of the most creative WordPress themes I’ve seen in awhile, Something Fishy is a fun theme that would be perfect for a personal blog. The background fish and whale are nice touches, as is the hooked worm that drops down as you scroll.Something Fishy

 9.  Trendy Colors


This is a dark and contrasting theme where red and yellow becomes a strong color scheme, this trendy design stands out every element inside containers. This is a great theme for a blog with convincing arguments and strong ideas.

10. Siren

A bold, responsive WordPress theme that features three columns of highlight boxes and a home page slider. With a little customization, this theme could work well for just about any type of website.Siren

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