10 Awesome Examples of French Street Art

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Unique street art can be found in urban centers around the world but one nation in particular stands out for its beautiful and thought-provoking offerings: France. Among other things, the French are renowned for their artistic sensibilities and the streets of its biggest cities prove that this is no less true in modern times than it has been throughout history.

French Street Art

Whether you need inspiration and something to get your creative juices flowing or you simply appreciate the artistic bent of the minds around you, take a look at these 15 awesome examples of French street art (for more French artworks, please refer to France Magazine):

1. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are all the rage in popular culture right now and street art is no exception as is evidenced by this disgruntled and bloodthirsty-looking fellow.

2. Street Post Cyclops

Street Post Cyclops

A great use of imagination and paint has almost magically turned what once were ordinary street posts into eye-catching monsters watching the sidewalks.

3. Toy Soldiers

This interesting painting on a public wall in Paris offers an interesting sight and an inspiring point about the futility of war.

4. Devil D.J.

Devil D.J.

The talent behind this cleverly constructed character is apparent in the illusion of depth achieved.

5. Open-Air Urinal

Open-Air Urinal

Thankfully, you won’t find any real open-air urinals on French streets, making this piece of street art is a real eye-catcher.

6. Remove Brain Before Entering

Remove Brain Before Entering

The business world often requires something of a mindless attitude of its inhabitants and this wall painting turns this into an obvious point.

7. Sexy Vampire

Sexy Vampire

Like her zombie cousin featured above, this vampish vampire makes for an interesting, if creepy, random sighting on a walk through Parisian streets.

8. Big Man on Garage Door

Big Man on Garage Door

This beautiful likeness of an Indonesian island big man turns an otherwise drab garage door into a fantastic piece of urban art.

9. Old-School Ghettoblaster

Old-School Ghettoblaster

While many among us today may not even remember what an old-school stereo looks like, this painting reminds each and every passerby what it was like to be a mobile music fan in the eighties.

10. Lego Blocks & Landscapes

Lego Blocks & Landscapes

A beautiful landscape infused with what appear to be Lego blocks, all under the watchful gaze of an unidentified man.

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