10 Amazing Mountain Top Buildings

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With winter sports at the doorstep, I thought it was just the right time to take a look at how contemporary design is affecting the forthcoming season’s top destination – the mountains. Beyond the commonplace notion of retrograde mountain lodge cosiness, in concept designs and in reality, there stands a new generation of mountain top buildings shaping up as we speak which makes not only humble protective sleep-over shelters but also full-range mixed-use and public buildings feel at home in alpine – and even harsher – conditions.

This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings – a community-driven and openly editable encyclopaedia of buildings from around the world. 

Werner Tscholl Architects: Mountain Pass Museum

image: Werner Tscholl

ECHOROST: Wooden House


ETH Zurich Department of Architecture: Monte Rosa Hut

image: ETH Zurich

Zechner & Zechner: Reisseck Top Terminal and Restaurant

image: Zechner & Zechner

ALICE Studio at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): Evolver

image: ALICE Studio

Murman Architects: Restaurant Tusen

image: Hans Murman

LEAPfactory: New Refuge Gervasutti

image: LEAPfactory



Whitepod: Geodesic Dome ‘Hotel’ Room

image:  Whitepod

Snøhetta: Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

image: diephotodesigner.de

Ross Lovergrove Studio: Alpine Capsule

image: Ross Lovergrove Studio

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