10 amazing web tools to spy on your competition

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Don’t think OO7! OK, maybe just a bit. But delete all the dangerous bits from the Bond equation, because in these situations, ‘to spy’ means to ‘discover by close observation’, ‘to investigate intensively’ and their variations. The apps listed below are meant to offer insights, tips and priceless data that should help with marketing and ad strategies, even design choices, and much more. Take a closer look; I hope you’ll add a few new items to your toolbox!

BuzzSumo helps you analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor on social media. It’s a great place to see which topics related to your business get the most attention, so it encourages you to do more of what works. Useful tool for content marketing and SEO campaigns.

WhatTheme is a small but mighty tool which returns the template a certain site is using. Dubbed Shazam for website templates, it currently works with WordPress, Ghost and Shopify. This one is work in progress, so keep an eye on new features. And if you have suggestions, give them a shout.

MailCharts helps you track and understand how your competitors use email marketing. It actually tracks hundreds of companies, bringing you actionable insights to improve your email marketing strategy, make data-driven decisions and gain design and content inspiration.

Adbeat instantly uncovers your competition’s online ad strategy. You learn what’s working for them and what’s not. So, you don’t spend your own money because your competitors do the split testing for you. And then, you plan your attack. Ta-daa!

PricingAssistant automatically helps e-merchants and brands monitor the prices of their competitors. This is a monitoring tool on a mission to help you maximize your profits.

Cromonitor allows you to identify, detect and record your competitor’s A/B & Multivariate tests. This service takes screenshots of monitored pages from different IP addresses at scheduled intervals. Next, it compares the resulting images and lets you know when there are changes.

RivalFox automatically monitors your competitors and delivers must-have updates right to your inbox. It can monitor complete websites or specific parts of a website and you receive updates as soon as a change happens. It also automatically collects relevant competitor KPIs such as traffic ranks or number of inbound links and saves them to your competitor profile. Oh, let’s not forget that it collects press releases and articles from across the internet and automatically includes them in your daily reporting. And so on…

Site Alerts offers instant insights on any website. How much traffic do they get? Where does it come from? What tools do they use? What keywords do they rank for? Is social media working for them? You know, the usual. Go, answer them questions.

SimilarWeb finds out how much traffic a site has, its traffic sources, and his most popular social channels. The team behind SimilarWeb works relentlessly to measure online behavior worldwide and to generate marketing insights. We’re talking major web measurements and competitive intelligence here.

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