This is a post from our new author Angela Nielsen of One Lily Creative Agency, a full-service web and print design company. Angela loves creating designs that win awards for clients, and is addicted to the thrill of helping people make sense of all this web-techno-marketing stuff.

Video giant YouTube has been around just over 6 years, and to date 35 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Talk about some serious adoption of their software! Everyone from music stars, to broadcast channels, corporations to small mom and pop shops, teenagers to little old men sitting in nursing homes have uploaded videos to YouTube. You can find professionally recorded skits, to spur of the moment cell phone videos. YouTube (owned by Google) has changed the way we watch and share video.

  • Want to share footage of your 2 year old’s birthday party? YouTube
  • Want to find out how to french braid hair? YouTube
  • Want to learn a new piece of software? YouTube
  • Want to watch music videos from your favorites? YouTube
  • Want to laugh at funny cat blunders? YouTube
  • Want to teach others how to use your product? YouTube

It’s all there. Anything and everything you can imagine, or ever want to watch, is on YouTube (caution here, there is stuff YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE, on YouTube). And if you are running a business, it gets even better. You can record and upload (or record straight to YouTube via webcam), product demos, workshops and presentations, sales pitches, edutainment pieces, anything you think your audience will find of value (and stuff they won’t).

YouTube estimates that the average user spends 15-25 minutes per day watching their videos. How much time do you spend?