(Yet Another) 10 New Design Blogs You Should Check for Daily Inspiration

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Every month we’re scanning the web for fresh blogs delivering quality content in the design-dev-freelance community, and these are the 10 entries for September. Yeah, I know, don’t have enough room in your RSS reader. Well, delete some old feeds :]

Design Critique


When we use the word ‘critique’ most people think that we’ll be bashing designs but that’s far from it. In most cases we look for the positive in designs but if there are negatives and ways to improve, then by all means we’ll talk about it. So DCQ is as much an inspirational blog as much as it gives you personal insights of the authors perception of that design

Bit Rebels


The basic idea is to present a unique view on relevant subjects and make them eye catching in all its simplicity. The short yet striking blog posts are meant to make you think. They are meant to give you that second perspective on things that you might have missed if it wasn’t for BitRebels.com



We are all like minded design junkies who want to evolve the art through thoughtful exchange of technique & inspiration! So this is just as much about you as it is about us. The idea is to be less selfish with our design, and be more about sharing like a community intent on evolving the art

Freelance Shack


New and dynamic content will be published daily covering topics such as Marketing, Inspiration, Pricing, Clients, Skills, Learning and loads more! You should expect easy-to-understand content which should help make you more efficient, happy and productive in your career

Little Box of Ideas


I am Shutter Happy. My camera is a constant fixture in my bag. I love experimenting with angles and love the challenge of getting that elusive shot!. I am visual and colourful and an explorer. I love to cook. If I wouldn’t have been a designer I would’ve been a Chef

Designer Break


My name is Michel and I created Designer Break as a resource for webdesigners practicing or looking for something to read killing time

The Pro Designer


The Pro Designer is continuously updated with exceptional content consisting of the noteworthy tips, tutorials, and valuable resources that will help the modern design professional take their business to the next level

Tutorial Zine


Tutorialzine provides you with high-quality tutorials, freebies and resources that will help you with your day-to-day development needs

Drifting Creatives


We are creative problem solvers, aka designers. One problem we are trying to solve is joblessness. What are we doing about it? We are taking our design skillz to the road

Paper Leaf


Paper Leaf is a creative husband-and-wife duo based in Edmonton, AB, who offer graphic design, web design & photography services. With over 10 years of combined professional design & photography experience, we love what we do – and we’re good at it

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    If i am going to check daily all that you are recomending, I don’t think I will have time to create at all! This is scary! I sometimes believe that all those people who tweet like 5 times every hour has nothing else to do! And I am seriously jealous of their lives.

  • Cool design blogs, I look more into them.

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  • Great list… I’m a big fan of the Little Box of Ideas blog. Sneh does a great job!

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  • Finally a list where its not just all of the same sites!!!

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  • Excellent sites. Added the majority of them to my Google Reader account.

  • Thanks for including us!!
    Andrea {Bitrebels}

  • Sweet. Thanks for the feature

  • Awesome! Its great to see a list of fresh and upcoming sites, and not just the top sites we all know (and love).

    Thanks for including BitRebels. Be sure to follow and subscribe… great things to come!

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  • Wow, thanks for including me in the list :). Promise to keep up the good work.

  • Wow, I’m flattered to be in this list :)
    Like Martin says, I’ll try to keep writing good stuff.
    In the mean time I really have to subscribe to all my neighbours here, some great blogs I didn’t knew!

    Michel (@designerbreak)

  • Thanks for the link. An honour. The dynamic content will continue to inspirational!

  • Not seen any of these before. Great stuff. Always good to get some recommendations.

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  • Great list… got to see some more inspiration…

  • This is so helpful. Saves me at least 1/2 hour searching for such web 2.0 designs. :)

  • these are fabulous!!!

  • Great Sharing! I love the first one

  • I wouldn’t include the Pro Designer on this list. The post depicted in the screenshot is the perfect argument as to why it should be omitted from a list of design blogs that should be checked for daily inspiration. That post (and others on the site) contains erroneous advice that will cause designers more problems than the post solves.

  • its really awesome nice collection …..

  • What an inspirational list,

    Great Blog Designs !

    Nicely put together thanks for sharing.

  • All of the blogs are great!

  • Freelance Shark is my favorite one!