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Every Tuesday we work with a cool brand in order to offer you some premium products for free. This time we have a WP Zoom giveaway: three amazing themes for all you WP fetishists out there. As usual, all you have to do is to share some inspiration with us in the comments area or to tweet about the giveaway. Good luck!

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Gallery Theme | Details | Demo


Gallery is a premium WordPress theme that can be used as a photoblog, portfolio, personal blog, product review blog, etc. The loading time is great! Comes in 6 styles: Light Blue (default), Light Green, Light Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red.

Yamidoo Magazine | Details | Demo


Yamidoo is a magazine-style premium theme created for any type of informative websites such as a complex news portal, or a simply informative blog

Zenko | Details| Demo


Zenko is the second theme released by WPZOOM. A colorful magazine-style premium theme that can be easily adapted to create a perfect look for your blog, without any web-design skills.


To win these bad girls you must do one of the following:

* share in the comments something that inspired you recently (movie, album, artist, track, portfolio, website or smtng)
* tweet this message: “Win 3 Uber Premium Themes from @WPzoom & @InspiredMag http://bit.ly/19k1zB Please share!”


gallery – http://twitter.com/OmarCorrales

yamidoo http://twitter.com/pixeldeath

zenko – Mooey http://www.inspiredm.com/2009/08/11/wp-zoom-giveaway-3-uber-premium-wordpress-themes/#comment-14700405

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Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Although very morbid, I have been inspired by the Jonestown Cult documentary I saw on the Discovery channel the other day… not sure how I've been inspired but feel a lot more creative since watching it.

  • iangarstang

    My inspiration this week has been from the free browser game 'Line Rider', now I am sure that everyone but me knew about it but it amazed me, that a concept so simple could inspire artists to create amazing sketches which have the added flow of physics. Just YouTube Line rider and see some of the amazing lengths people have gone to to create a simple masterpiece.

    I figured if people could create something amazing with limited tools then I should up my game to create something even more amazing with my plethora of software aids.

  • very cool,most inspired me these few days:must be the google caffeine.test it and find something different for SEO.

  • I was recently inspired by some children's toys while I was shopping for my nephew. The way they were stacked looked like a really cool beginning to a flash game or interactive community. It has inspired a current project I'm working on for one of my clients.

  • I just saw so many good bands at Lolla. Kings of Leon killed it again, whenever I hear them live I want to just do something! @mrbrianpinkley

  • Cool giveaway !
    I've been inspired by the moo.com website recently. Ordered some free cards and I liked how easy the ordering process was.

  • I was inspired by the book Vedanta Treatise by A. Parthasarathy. It put life, the goal of life, and our personalities into very logical terms. I highly recommend it.

  • I was inspired by the book Vedanta Treatise by A. Parthasarathy. It put life, the goal of life, and our personalities into very logical terms. I highly recommend it.

  • Recently I was inspired by the “ie6 no more” initiative (http://www.ie6nomore.com/). Now I'm following the idea in all of my projects. We have to start the change somehow.

  • joeysichol

    I have definitely reawakened my illustrating instincts by watching the Boomerang channel with my boy!

    Not sure if it qualifies as inspiration, but I've also been seeing grid layouts in everything lately… Maybe I need to see a Dr. instead :)

    /would love to win the Zenko theme… (Although Yamidoo is really nice, too…)

  • nmohan

    I saw a homeless person using an iPhone and that inspired me to start selling some of my art to get a better iPhone.

  • I am really inspired reading Pablo Picasso Biography by Norman Mailer. I would like to win the Gallery.

  • Shari Horne

    I've been inspired this week by the new addition to our house: the lovely Ruby. A five year old Siamese mix, I've loved watching her take in her new life and her new home. Those big blue eyes can say a lot.

  • gabeaudick

    I attended a cousin's graduation at the UCLA film school, and was able to walk through a museum with a number of inspirational student exhibits. In fact, seeing one student's work prompted me to purchase my domain name and learn to use wordpress.

  • mooey

    I was recently inspired by QuickSilver for Mac OS X. I want to make a floating search bar that follows you, and whenever you type something, it brings you to that part of the page (on a huge one page design of course).

    I'm currently in the process of developing it.

  • I've been loving looking through this site: http://www.minimalsites.com/

  • WordPress is so easy to use and these themes so nice, I think that I could use them to sell cheese to mice

  • wok0

    A couple of things I found inspiring lately were http://www.hellovon.com – Thought the illustrations on the site were amazing and also the compositions (The use of white space especially). Have also been looking through an old book I had about Vaughan Oliver (I'm going to see the Pixies in October, so it got me interested again) – forgot how good some of his work was, especially the Cocteau Twins and Pixies work.

  • tozebaiao

    I confess that it is life that really inspires me to carry my design work.

  • adone

    My inspiration? 2Pac – “All Eyes on Me” CD. It's the best rap album for every day, and it's the best rap album on the hip hop history. West Coast Classic, hit boombing.

  • My inspiration = WordPress
    believe me, everyday same^^

  • Alvaro

    After seeing hundreds of wp themes and sites, my number one inspiration is still the minimal approach, one that combines readability with simple, elegant, clean-cut design. A must-read gallery: minimalsites.com.

  • The last time I wrote about something that inspired me on this site it had to with the lady I met who was helping women in Zimbabwean prisons. I was talking to my wife about it just the other day and wondering what we could do to help even though we do not have a lot to give at the moment. She reminded me about how lucky we were to have everything that we have and that anything big or small would mean the world to the women in the prisons who have nothing and are knocking on deaths door. That is we were are going to to a lot of fundraising via one of our blogs and get them as much help as we can. Yet another reason why I love her so much.

  • The other day I was inspired by two women hugging outside of a ramshackle apartment complex. You could tell it was an immense moment for them. Beautiful.

  • I have been inspired by a very old book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”. I have been listening to the audio version and it is as much about richness of spirit and relationship as it is the monetary aspects. Very helpful and the audio version has been great while I am driving around.