Comment to Win 3 Free WordPress ThemeShock Bundles Worth $1200

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WordPressThemeShock offers 3 amazing and huge free bundles containing a bunch of useful resources for web and wordpress professionals, they are fully loaded with wordpress themes, icon sets, html, css and psd themes, vector sets, web design sets and more. For sure you will be shocked with its free packs

The Premium product behind wordpressthemeshock is called The Shock Bundle, which contains 107 premium WP themes (with tons of features), about 30,000 icons from its partner: Iconshock and 28,000 additional icons (14,000 Android, 14,000 iPhone icons, 427 credit card icons and 150 social icons), 75 xhtml templates, 50 web design sets, 25 vector sets, 500 logo templates and more. Phew!

Wanna test the quality of the themes? Check out some demos:









How to enter the giveaway

Next Thursday we’ll randomly pick three winners and announce them here. Good luck guys, this is a must have!

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  • Carolyn Zack

    Winning this bundle would be awesome—it would be great to use in helping non-profit organizations and small businesses put a more professional foot forward on the web, economically.

  • Brett

    As a fairly new part-time/noob/hack designer this bundle would be great for my small, but growing toolbox of design resources.

  • Holy smokes this is an amazing bundle.
    I just jumped out on my own as a freelancer and am finding myself nickel-and-diming every aspect of my work. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to get my hands on a bundle like this.
    What would I do with it? Pay rent with all of the new clients I could lure with it:)

  • Kenseiden

    “What would I use ThemeShock bundle for”? What WOULDN’T I use it for! This thing has everything!

  • I would use the huge ThemeShock Bundle for my clients. ;)

  • I would like to use the amazing ThemeShock Bundle for a new web project that I’m developing. Thanks for the contest.

  • We help nonprofit organizations maximize their website for education and fundraising. The ThemeShock bundle would be an enormous help.

  • I would have to say world peace. Wait, I change my answer to feed the children. No, wait, definitely world peace…and SEO for our clients.

  • Jason Schmidt

    I would use the ThemeShock Bundle for designing websites and for creating apps too…

  • alex

    i would use the bundle to help me learn how to design websites more effectively and use these skills to create the next big thing on the web, retire and spend the rest of my life creating websites only for clients i actually like!

  • Both for my clients and my own projects. :)

  • For new projects !!

    Following from @mesopinions

  • I <3 freebies and…I have several new blogs that need a spiffy theme.

  • ThemeShock Bundle is exactly what I need for my customers.


  • I would use them for a graphic website, and start creating my portfolio.

  • Yeah nice – Sorry guys it’s over -> here is the winner ;-)

  • Yiannis Nik

    That’s a great bundle for my personal and commercial projects!!
    Good luck everyone

  • I just feel in love with WordPress when I first starting using it a few months ago. For a few years I WAS using Joomla to create my clients websites :(. The bundle would be a huge blessing :). I would use it for future clients sites.

  • Tim

    Awesome bundle which would give any business a kick-start into the big time! Even if I don’t win, I would recommend these.

  • It will make my friends shocked!

  • Zach

    This bundle looks sweet! I would pick them apart and see how they’re put together as well as use them on future projects.

  • I’d use the bundle for redesigning my Wiffleball Website and some personal projects.

  • ted

    Any update on a winner?

  • This bundle is so amazing! I’m already visualizing what my next portfolio will look like! Astonishing ;)