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In the last few months we’ve been working pretty hard to bring a new site to life: a neat WordPress themes search engine that will help you each time you need a new template for the next killer project. Ladies and gentleman please give a big hand to QualiThemes!!!

What’s QualiThemes?

Qualithemes (yup, it stands for “quality themes”) is curating and recommending the best free and commercial (so-called “premium”) WordPress themes through a compelling search engine.

Why is it cool?

Besides the fact that it finds exactly the themes you need (based on specific keywords, launch date and rating), this could be the future of theme discovery tools, because you don’t neet to follow all the theme shops (and their blogs) all the time. QT is roaming the web for them every day so you don’t have to.


Your turn! Tell us what you think and why QualiThemes is or isn’t the ultimate WP themes search engine!

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  • A good theme search engine is desperately needed. My one question: Does your curation include checking for hidden scripts that will inject links or malware? Thanks.

  • Donna – yep, we def keep nasty themes out of our selection! Stay tuned and ping me if you want to learn anything else about QualiThemes. Thx!

  • Looks very nice. I was surprised to already find my RichCORP theme in there. Thanx a lot. I couldn’t resist submitting three more ;-)

  • I like the concept, but I have some suggestions for improvement:

    1) please include the filter options on all pages, not just the “Browse” page. for example, if I do a search for “minimal”, I can’t filter out the paid themes on that search results page.

    2) please show bigger and straight (not angled) screenshots so that we can get a better idea of what the theme looks like at first glance.


  • Len Fischer


    I applaud the effort to create a comprehensive resource to help the WordPress community locate themes that match their requirements, but it seems like all of the effort you have put into this tool is only half-baked. Imagine my frustration when discovering that every link I clicked for more information about a theme or to see its live demo appears to be broken. All of the links point to this address – beatheme.comall-theme-pack-only-for-10 – which obviously isn’t valid and linking to the same address from every template regardless of its vendor or creator makes no sense. I’m sure this is just a bug or a glitch, but it made my initial visit virtually useless. And I’m sure you know how fickle Web users can be. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in seconds, then they’re gone, and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll never be back.

    Some other observations and suggestions:

    – As others have noted, search using keywords should appear on every page. And is there a way that you can filter within keywords by category, for instance. Many e-commerce sites provide such functionality. Consider Best Buy, for example. I can search for computer monitors. Then I can check boxes to select the appropriate screen size, price range, video input, etc. I also can choose to see only monitors I can buy at the store as opposed to those which will have to be shipped from a warehouse. All of this flexibility is what gives a search tool its value. I realize that you are trying to provide value through curation, but I’m not certain what’ you’re really curating, especially if developers can submit their own themes to the search engine. How will you be vetting those submissions or adding value to them? I guess what I’m saying is that I find more value in giving me the tools to filter however I choose to, and I’ll do the vetting once I have a list of 3 or 4 themes that might fit my needs.

    – Is there somewhere that I can look at a list of all the keywords I can use to search for themes? Also, can I stack those words? For instance, I tried to search for the keywords, “Minimal” and “HTML5.” No results were returned, even though I know at least two or three WordPress themes that match both of those criteria have been released in the last 3 months.

    – I found the full-screen snapshots redundant. The initial page for each theme has a large screen snap to whet my appetite. How much value does the full-size screen snap add? Not much in my book. I go straight to the demo site. It has 10 times more information, and usually answers 90 percent of my questions.

    – It’s very useful for me to know when a theme was first released and its compatibility with various WP versions as well as its support for various Web browsers. I know I can find this info on the develoeprs’ sites (if the links to them worked),j but having some more key information in the search engine would save me time and increase this tool’s value.

    I have even more suggestions. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear them, but I suspect I’ve already given you more than enough food for thought. I hope you understand that I want you to succeed in your efforts here and my constructive criticism hopefully will help you to do that.

    IMHO, any new Internet tool, service, product or app introduced these days can’t just be good enough. It needs to significantly raise the bar by providing sophisticated content, effective, user-centric design, surprising and useful opportunities for engagement through interaction and conversation, and, finally, practically flawless execution. A “good enough” product will only be “good enough” until something better comes along. I look forward to seeing how QualiThemes evolves. Best wishes on your efforts.

  • @Felix, cool. thx!

    @Moncef – great suggestion mate, thx. We’ll keep all of them in mind from now on!

  • This is a great resource! Thank you.

  • Som

    Hey , it’s really a cool theme .Thanks for sharing the info .

  • Great Theme, will post this on omgwp pinboard