Customization Ninjas You Can Call Whenever You Need WordPress Tweaks

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Having a blog is almost like having a baby – it’s cute and all, neighbourghs admire you and you don’t have time for yourself anymore! BUT what can you do when your baby is sick and you don’t have a clue? Well, this is a post you should bookmark right now (yep, CTRL +D) because we asked all of our friends and neigborhs about the coolest, most responsive, most talented & skilled WordPress doctors and customization ninjas.

So when you need some tweaks or if you have problems with your WordPress theme, don’t hesitate to contact these guys – 100% Inspired Approved! Enjoy and contribute with other suggestions in the comments!


WP Bakery



Chris Wallace

Derek Herman

Southern Media

Just The Web

Tiago Noronha

We Design

Design 120

Cubicle Ninjas

Sarl Gd6d

Theme Tweak

Customized Marketing

Darren Hoyt

Your turn now – what are your favorite WP doctors & customizations ninjas?

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Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Gavin

    Hi, I’m interested in customising themes for clients.

    Not many of these sites mention that they use templates for their projects.

    I might have misunderstood what is implied in the title.

    Do these sites, use templates from market places and then customise them for their clients?

    If so, how do they pitch that to the client? Do they let them know generally at the start of the project, that they will use a template to start with. OR do they actually let the client choose the template (even buy it) first?

    I now have some experience in customising templates (WP & HTML) for friends. I purchased the templates and had fun modifying them. I am interested in doing this for money. Thats why I am interested in knowing if these sites are doing just that?

  • Thanks so much for featuring Cubicle Ninjas in your exciting list! :)

  • Great round up, every entry into the collection has something unique, and all are very creative.

  • for some french speaking ninjas, you can go with Mahi-Mahi :

    ( they also speak english… )

  • Very proud to be in your list! Thanks Catalin!!

    @Gavin: I’m specialized in customizing wordpress themes and this is mentionned on my website (in french…). I sometimes work with designers to change the look & feel and also install and configure plugins. I help my clients to choose the template from a selection I have made in this website (regularly updated):
    Most of the time, I modify premium themes that I buy and I also provide personal WordPress training.

  • Andy

    Design 120 looks like a copy of Pod1’s site!

  • Dan

    Great list. There’s also Siteroom in the UK

  • Another solution fairly new and they not only do WordPress, they can pretty much work on any platform.