Web Design Trend Hunting – Fluid Grid Layout: 10+ Outstanding Examples & 1 Tutorial

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In our daily web hunting raids we have spotted another interesting & good-looking trend – the fluid grid-based layout, mostly used by galleries and visual inspiration blogs. Here are 12 amazing examples (just one of them in Flash) and a fantastic tutorial. Please use the comment box for suggestions and opinions – Will the future of webdesign be fluid?

Creative Depart


Isolation Unit


Reform & Revolution




Heavy Eyes




Positively Melancholy




Type Neu


This Also




Space Collective


PS: Almost all this websites are usng the Grid-A-Licious theme folks!

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  • Mip

    Great list. Nice job.

  • Thanks for this cool list.

  • Great collection,good job! I’v submitted a link of this article to our website http://www.webmasterclip.com in order to share it with more people.Thanks~

  • Christian

    I think 90% of these are modified versions of Grid-A-Licious theme by Suprb for WordPress. I might be wrong though.

  • Some nice samples here.

  • They’re all based on a theme released by typeneu and reform. Not that creative action to follow.

  • The WordPress grid-a-licious theme (used in many of the above) probably deserves a mention…

  • i seriously feel this will be a must for every website coz of the immense variety of screens we have so far. don’t know how many more sizes will we see in near future.

  • We use something similar on our site http://www.nofavorite.com.

  • Thanks guys, almost all the credit goes to teh Grid-A-Licious theme!

  • Perfect article, exactly what I was looking for thanks!

  • Nice review,
    We’ve been having a custom grid theme for 6 months already, dont know if you saw ours, but it a little more complex than those one, and thanks god, there is nothing similar on the web (yet! unfortunately it will com one of those days)

    Have a look at http://cyanatrendland.com and especially our gallery page http://cyanatrendland.com/images/

    Let me know ….

  • Bear in mind that the majority of these sites use the same theme – Grid-a-licious – with the colours tweaked…


    I have stopped posting Grid-a-licious themed sites on http://siteinspire.net because I think it’s time for something new…

    And also all these sites are ‘matrix’ or grid style layouts. Would have been more interesting to see fluid application or editorial layouts since this is much more challenging to do well.

  • Great examples of decent fluid grid layouts. I’ve just completed my company site using a nice fluid grid layout at http://www.zaum.co.uk

  • I don’t get it. I tried the first six sites and only one was fluid — aka, it changed width with the window. What are you guys seeing that I’m not?

  • Different feel of layout which can provide the most visible information to visitors at one instance. Nice concept.

  • xyxjasilixyx

    Nice article.

  • I cant at all get gridalicious to work. I was excited thinking these were other grids that had nothing to do with grid-a-licious. this is my site. id like a grid approach with categories. if anyone wants to contact me and sell me their wizadry at a good decent price. my twitter is girlonthestreet. thanks!

  • Its getting closer and closer from our layout – but nothing like it yet – still way ahead in the trends…

  • Cracka

    doesn’t grid-a-liscous rely 100% on javascript? and with JS disabled, the sites literally fail to render in any readable form..?

    i’ve tested the grid-a-liscious site itself, and w/o JS, it fails to degrade with any grace what-so-ever.

    have i got it wrong, or should sites still load without JS ..?

  • You’re internet’s going to suck without JS anyway right? People keep giving all the credit to Grid-a-licious which is based off Space Collective’s card theme done 2 years prior.

  • Damn you”’r’e’re’

  • psiew

    Makes me giddy. Seriously

  • John mahoney

    great, but what’s with the tutorial link?

  • L


    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I am looking for a fluid grid layout for my portfolio on WordPress. I would add tomy page and then tweak the colours and stuff to make it more of my own. Do you know any WP templates where you can get the layout for free?

  • Hey Catalin,

    Its really a very nice collection, keep up the good work :)


  • Are there any open source or cheaper alternatives to grid a licious?

  • Greg Formager

    Yep, try the tanzaku theme for wordpress

  • Dfunk try http://cargocollective.com/
    great cms and creative community, creating by the same guy who created Space Collective if I’m correct..

  • *created

  • Tony B

    Most of these aren’t truly fluid. Just the same so-so grid based system that fails when you get too small. It’s be nice to see some truly creative, properly fluid designs instead that also work when JS is off.