Viral Saturday: 10 Funny Videos You Might’ve Missed

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Sit back, relax, grab a Bud or an iBeer or something and watch the most creative, viral and funny videos & trailers of the week, featuring Gorillaz, the iPhone 4, Johnny Depp and the biggest selection of insults among other cool things!

MTV – Spooky, The World Cup Hating Hamster

Silent Hill 8 – Trailer

Gorillaz: Journey to Plastic Beach

Woot – We Got Acquired By Amazon

Valhalla Rising – Trailer

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Conan the Barbarian: The Musical

Symphony of Science – ‘The Case for Mars’

Cat Lassie

First OFFICIAL iPhone 4 Music Video – for FLAKJAKT “Cascades”

Rango – Trailer

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  • agon

    great collection…thanks for sharing

  • glad you like it agon, thx for touching base

  • Sergiu

    The crappiest page I think I’ve ever stumbled.

    Thumbs down.

  • Katten

    Agree with Sergiu. Except from cat Lassie, that was hilarious.

  • nice vids

  • Tricky

    I count eleven…

  • I love conan!!!

  • rango is fantastic :)

  • matt

    these aren’t funny videos…

    they are advertisements

  • Hahaha really good videos! Gorillaz: Journey to Plastic Beach is privated now, where can i found it?

  • this is great: The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time xD

  • great funny video! :)