One thing that is amazing of design in any medium is the ability to get inspired from pretty much any source. Need a new look for a living room? Look at a forest. Interested in creating a dynamic web design? Look through some old photo albums. Need to paint a new piece for an exhibit? Look at the graffiti downtown. An idea can be sparked by anything, and take on a life of its own in an instant.

A personal favorite source of inspiration for me is print media. I use it for a great deal of digital and website/graphic designs. From layouts and grid formations, to actual color schemes and backgrounds, something that was originally intended to be physically held has something extra that really improves the concept. Even if translating that to an online format can be difficult at the best of times.

I am not the only one who finds inspiration in print media. Here are some examples where both modern and retro print styles were used to inspire the creator.

Brasil Cine

Using print for inspiration

Not only is this inspired by a print design, but it draws a lot of its influence from watercolor advertisements and old posters. Very interesting and innovative, it finds a good medium between a classic design and something entirely new.

It even keeps the paper-like background that makes it look like it has been printed despite its digital creation and hosting. The logos also look very much like print, and all of this could be integrated into an incredible design for a website.

Marvel Minimalist Posters

Using print for inspiration

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Most of the advertising for movies now is online, including “posters” that are nowhere near what they used to be before the days of the internet. This artist decided to bring back some of the charm of those days with these minimalist posters.

Each represents a member of the Marvel Universe, including the Avengers and several others. Even the Fantastic Four are represented. The result is classy, interesting and well made.


Using print for inspiration

Being a print journal, it isn’t surprising that Newsweek has managed to keep an element to that in their online design. While it isn’t exact, something about the layout does bring to mind a magazine spread more than anything else.

They have kept that alive much better than other print media sources, like the New York Times or Washington Post. Maybe it is the way they use a block/grid design, or just the look of the images with the headers. But you can immediately connect this with a real magazine.


Using print for inspiration

This one might be cheating, but Pinterest is one of the very best examples of using a print inspiration for a website design. The entire concept is based around the idea of a pin board, which has always been a physical device rather than a digital one.

The conversion was flawless, and maintaining your own boards is as satisfying as being a teen with a pin board on your wall. More so, given the infinite space and the ability to swap images with people all over the world.

Do you have a design in mind that takes inspiration from a print medium? Let us know in the comments.