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PSDtuts: Best of the Web – July 2009


The month of July had a lot of interesting articles on furthering one’s self as a designer. Whether you are looking to become famous, or more proficient and informed, we got you covered. Also, did you know that marketing tips from a children’s lemonade stand can help you market yourself as a designer? Well all that is included in this month’s web roundup.

Flashtuts: Best of the Web – July 2009


With another month having come and gone, it’s always nice to take a look at what it had to offer us on the web. There are interviews from industry experts, as well as a load of tutorials from elsewhere around the Flash blog-o-sphere. Of course, freebies are always welcome, so you’ll find an ActionScript Migration Cookbook from Adobe, a funky Music Visualizer and several others.

Vectortuts: Best of the Web – July 2009


Each month we round up some of the best vector content on the web and post it here for everyone to enjoy. This month we had a lot of fun identifying the best vector tutorials, freebies, and articles. Take a moment and review some of the best vector content from around the web for the month of July.

MyInkBlog: Best of the Design Community, July 2009


This month’s roundup focuses a lot on HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques. Along the way I also found some quality write ups on logos, spec work, WordPress and much more. I hope this compilation helps you find some awesome content that you would have otherwise would have missed.

PVM Garage: 50+ Bookmarks To Collect the Best Of Web


The Best of Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites. I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks. July was a very HOT MONTH! Below you can find very cool and juicy things.

PSD Fan: Best of the Web – July


Monthly roundups are something that a lot of sites have been doing, and to be honest, have been missing from PSDFAN for some time. I read a lot of design related blogs in my spare time, and feel that I should give some credit for the host of people / blogs that inspire me on a daily basis.

Inspiredology: Friday Fix July 27 – 31


This week on the Friday Fix we follow some SpecWatch, learn some WordPress and congratulate a fellow Inspiredology member.

Creative Nerds: Best Of The Web July For Web/Graphic Design


The best of the web features a range of different types of articles including some great illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. Creative Nerds also managed capture the best aspects from web design, SEO, JavaScript and also a great compilation of freebies released in July.

Creattica: Freebies!