Translating client-speak like a pro

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Some funny and in my option surprisingly accurate translations of what clients actually mean when they discuss a project with the designer.


infographic via Plato

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Gia Thinh

    what a dictionary :D

  • Excellent!

  • tim

    Haha love it

  • Great translations, but confused on why the client is in charge of art direction? Why isn’t the designer presenting a design based on research?

    • fwtx3x-hih

      because even when they’re obviously utterly wrong, “the customer is always right” ™

      • See that’s the thing, customers purchase a commodity; clients get help from professionals. You should analyze why you’re serving the former instead of the latter. No one twisted your arm into choosing this profession. Bitching on forums about the folks who pay your rent won’t help you sell design to them. It’s *your* job to convince them your decisions are sound, not the other way around.

        • fwtx3x-hih

          that is so amazing, mr locke! from a single non-serious web comment, you were able to divine my work situation, my innermost motivations, *and* provide the solution to all my problems!! you could tell that i do not work for a faceless copro-ration that sets counterproductive policies!!! you could feel my intense outrage at each and every design mistake requested of me!!!! oh how i do wish you were my manager so i could bask in the wisdom of your every nuanced opinion!!!!!

          please please please keep commenting so that we may all laugh, er…. learn from your brilliance!!!!1!1!11!!!@zomg!!!

          • If you don’t like your job in Fort Worth, just leave. That simple.

          • fwtx3x-hih

            and he excels at career advice too, ladies and gentlemen.

          • Melissa

            This honestly kills me. JJL must have a lot of free time.

        • Unkel G

          JJL, the simple truth is, the client always has a mindset of what they like or want. In my many many years in this line on both sides of the fence, the client always picks what they like disregarding what our professional opinion (what we were tasked to do in the first place and paid for) or advice is, eventhough we explain that it is their customers that need to be satisfied at times. And when it comes down to DOING our job and giving them sound advice, they always come up with, “This is what I want. Do it or I get someone else who will!” So how about you people (those who end up seeking professional help) trusting us to do our job and taking our expert opinion instead?

  • Unkel G

    So true!