Your small touchscreen is filled up with colored icons, but you still want more :] So we come up with another top 10 apps you should definitely touch. This time we made a selection of new and unconventional applications that respond to some basic needs, like settling arguments about who makes the tea, putting a friend’s face on a cute little animal, asking a hundred nude men a silly question or creating music by touching funny characters.

Wheel of Tea | $0.99


Do you sit with the same people day after day at work? Do you always seem to be the one making the tea? Then it’s time to spin the Wheel of Tea in your office!

Animalizer | $0.99


What’s more funny than seeing what your friend looks like as a chimp? Perhaps what your mom or sister looks like as a piglet….

Undercover | $4.99


The leading theft-recovery app for the Mac is now available for the iPhone. It’s like having a private detective on your phone.

Seen ‘n Spell | $2.99


Seek ’n Spell is the first application for the iPhone 3G that combines real spaces with virtual letters to create a competitive word game for you and your friends.

AskNumen | $0.99


You can ask a one dollar army of nude men for their advice. Simply say the question, and tap on the dialog bubble. They will give you a “YES” or “NO” with some jogging exercise.



Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never been more fun. Set your goal weight, record your weight at any interval (one weight per day max), view your BMI, and see your progress on a beautiful graph.

Sweep Man | $1.99


The game is pretty simple and you use tilt controls to move your character left, right and up (jump). What is fantastic are the very cool retro graphics.

I Am Ninja | $1.99


You are a lone Ninja facing a land overrun with pirates, zombies and evilized ninjas.  You must use the ninja skills of quick reaction, dexterity, strategy, and love of KILLING to survive the never-ending onslaught.

Eye vs. Eye | $099


Eye vs. Eye is an intense color-matching duel that pits you against an opponent in a race of color accuracy.

Relapse | $oon


Upcoming iPhone game that Eminem blurbed about on TwitPic.

Inkstrumental | $oon


Inkstrumental lets you create music by touching the characters, who each play a sound from a selection of weird and wonderful samples and noises, like a synthesizer keyboard.

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