Today Only: Win 10 Subscriptions To The Brilliant WeGraphics Design Resources

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I know, I know, too many giveaways on InspiredMag lately. Well, get used to it ‘coz we like freebies and we love our readers => we love offering and curating cool giveaways for you. This time we teamed up with the cool chaps from AppSumo and the amazing team behind WeGraphics to send 10 free subscriptions your way. Scroll down for give away details. One day only – join now!

What is WeGraphics

Search Google for hi rez textures and the results really suck. Sometimes you just want a library of resources that doesn’t require slogging through a mountain of unintended search results. Except, like, not really a library, because that comes with late fees and the smell of dust. More, like a supermarket? Maybe like that. But, like, a supermarket with a membership, where you just pay once, and get all you can eat… Wait, no. Buffet. We’re thinking of a buffet. A buffet of design resources!

Such a buffet does exist, and it’s called WeGraphics. It’s the definitive solution for designers who need high-quality resources. Producers of ready-to-use brushes, vectors, textures, icons and tons more to make your life easier.

The AppSumo Deal

Unlimited access to all resources for 1 year, for only $30 (normally $69)

Currently includes :

  • 35 brush sets
  • 41 vector sets
  • 32 texture sets
  • 3 web templates
  • 12 icon sets
  • 9 mock-up sets

How to enter the giveaway

  • tweet this: Win a One-Year Subscription for @WeGaphics Thanks to @appsumo and @inspiredmag RT to enter
  • leave a comment telling us what would you use your subscription for

Act fast!

This giveaway lasts only 48 hours so act fast – we’ll chose 10 random winners and announce them tomorrow!

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  • Awesome!

    I’d use this resource for my graphic novel I’m working on. It’s all CG, but really needs the grungy textures and PS brushes to make it feel more unique and help give it the dark feel I want/need it to have.

  • I’d use this for inspiration and to try new things I haven’t done yet. Thanks for the offer.

  • I would use my subscription to enhance my designs for future clients and personal projects I have lined up.

  • donald Wilson

    I’m 42 c and I’m following you guys on twitterollege graduate and I went to school for web design and graphic design I hope to start my own small business so using this will help me better design web sites and also increase my larger skill set. I’d be stoked to get some of this hot swag. how can I be down?! and I follow you guys on twitter.

  • I would use the subscription to help me develop my graphic design skills and volunteer freelance work. Right now I’m hustling to get better with every opportunity.

  • Andrew Burr

    I would use the subscription for inspiration on future design projects and help the with the transition from programmer to designer!

  • I would use the subscription to make better designs for my clients and myself… and to gain a little inspiration to always do better. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Tim Monaghan

    We should all be growing our list or resources for those nice little go-to assets. This will be a good one!

  • Stacy

    I would use my subscription for my freelance biz

  • SteffenS

    Ouh I oftentimes had my eyes on WeGraphics vector illustrations for personal projects, they are suweeet. :) Would love to use them in some of my designs.

    by the way: You guys misspelled the WeGraphics twitter account in your twitter message. Just fyi. :)

  • Asmita

    It would be handy for my next project and both are gem of the products that can’t be left unused if I win it!/WPThemeInfo/status/53154566035873792

  • I`d love to use some of the premium items for my designs. Thanks!

  • Marc

    Design tomfoolery and for clients if I had too!

  • I love bufetts

  • I always can use textures. It would be a great inspiration to create new things.

  • this is awesome giveaway! i would use subscription to grab all those delicious stuff wegraphics offer – superb textures, icons, brushes, templates …
    it will come in handy for all my projects!

  • LaToya

    I would use this for inspiration to improve my design skills in the hopes of getting more freelance work.

  • I would use the subscription to improve and make my designs better :)
    Awesome giveaway!
    Thanks. :)

  • Jen

    Great giveaway! I’d utilize a little bit of everything from the buffet of design tools for my projects. Thanks!

  • Ken

    Working on a new site roll out and could use some cool textures…

  • Justin

    Just graduating from college I could really use this to save some money and time from creating all of my elements by hand.

  • I would use the textures for website designs

  • I’d use this for my multiple free-lance design needs. It would be awesome!

  • Mice count me in like the wordpress theme they develop

  • Ben Hastie

    I would use the subscription for 3D animation textures, In my photo comic and in my graphic design work.


  • I will improve my art work that significantly…thank you for this awesome chance

  • David J

    This would be AWESOME to win!!!! Being designer, this would come in handy, in my designs considerring it would provide healthy design tools so I can use in my Art and Design projects! My art and designs revolve aound Vectors and images. The resources could only make MY projects get BETTER and Shine EVEN brighter!!! Thanks for the Chance. Wooohoooo!!!!


  • Nick Sloan

    They seem to have a really high quality selection of some nice resources that i would love to be able to use on some future projects.


  • David M

    I would use this subscription to help create better designs and improve my UI interfaces for web applications. This is an awesome giveaway.

  • Would be helpful in living life :)
    but first it would be put to use in my dad’s site : “’

    Tweet :!/viditkothari/status/53262351197147136

  • This is everything I have been looking for all over the web! Thank you so much for creating this great toolbox. I would put this to immediate use on two sites I am working on now.

  • Lawrence L

    i would use this to create new design works better and to improve my design inspiration. Let the idea sparks flowing :)

  • Leslie

    I’d use it to rock the design world hard core!

  • loulivia

    I’d liked to win this subscription and use that lovely textures on my projects!

  • I need this bad… Starting a new biz (isn’t everyone?). My first site is really sad and I need to redo it. I have a couple of projects coming and could REALLY use the help!

  • Eveline

    I would use the subscription to make kick ass presentations and designs!

  • karan

    First of all, in @WeGaphics ” r ” is missing in this twitter id. Hope you will fix it.

    My tweet :!/funbu/status/53375021443325952

    I would like to use this subscription for my website backgrounds, wordpress blog icons and in logos.

    Following you, @wegraphics and @appsumo on twitter.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  • I would use it to create beautiful designs for future clients.

  • I’d use the subscription for the day to day work!/AlexandruMielus/status/53404928252710912

  • I will use it to make my art more beautiful!
    And my logos too!

  • Vicki Kolovou

    Love textures and art work

  • I would use this to help save the world! And improve my design skills… thanks!

  • Catherine McAlinden

    Yeessss “A buffet of design resources” I’m hungry! Designing & developing always needs new ideas & a package like this is awesome Chance in a #100000 but to win would make this girl geek so happy :)

  • Amy

    My husband and I just started our own business, so building a collection of resources like this would be amazing.

  • Im in! Awesomeness!

  • Already signed up at WeGraphics and I would love to use this for my clients’ project I am doing right now as they produce really awesome resources.

    Here is my retweet:

  • M

    I’m a newbie when it comes to web design so this might be a good tool to get started!

  • This would save me hours of searching for resources every time I start a new project… sounds amazing!!/iTrippedOver/status/53513970321072128

  • Awesome Resource.Thanks