The Revolution Will Be Twitterised – #pman

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What in the past was credited as the greatest media power – The Television – now gives its place to the Internet or, to be more specific, to Twitter. The newest example is the Anticommunist Revolution In Moldova, where the most powerful weapon of the young revolutionary is Twitter. Here are some hot articles and please come back for more or – even better – live search on Twitter the tags #moldova #chisinau and #pman

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  • chris

    that’s awsome, man! this follows to the extraordinary internet war between estonia and russia in 2007. take a close look in wired to remember:

  • an

    yuppie “revolutionaries” trying to overthrow a democratically elected government so their minority class can screw the rest of the population even more.

    “Power to the People Whose Parents Have The Money To Get Them Into Upper Level Educational Facilities!”

    i like how the photo that has “The Revolution Will Be Twitterised” emblazoned over it shows a protester waving a Romanian flag. that says it all about where the protesters are coming from and shows how little liberal idiots in west know about Moldova.

  • Catalin D.

    Democratically elected – I’ve yet to say about that. But I certainly don’t agree with amending the constitution so that a president can be in the office for the third time. That sounds a bit fishy… and it shows how far they are willing to go.

    As for the flag, yes, protesters are waving Romanian flags – check
    And yes, the protesters are Moldovan. Romanians are denied access in the country since Tuesday, so your argument fails.

  • PinkPantzer

    Dear An.

    This is revolution in Moldavia. Even this post and even your post.

    So, to clarify: The Elections WERE NOT democratic. The VOTE maybe. You have the right to vote in Moldavia. But THE COMMUNIST PARTY assumed itself the RIGHT to vote in his favor in the name of dead people, in the name of the people that were not in the country at that time and did not vote.

    More… it is not democratic to amend the Constitution to allow your 3rd seat as president.

    So, maybe you should think twice about your thoughts.
    Maybe you should ask real people that live in Moldova what The Comunist Party did in this country. How the president’s Companies have exclusivity to the state’s economic contracts.

    Remember, it’s the poorest country in Europe. And all of this at 20 years after the USSR breakdown.

    Those people have the right to claim changes. And they have the right to their revolution.

  • Alastair

    ::: Those people have the right to claim changes. And they have the right to their revolution.

    You are confusing democracy and permissiveness. The events in Moldova have very little to do with democracy and human rights. Neither ‘the Communists’, nor their opponents are not a bit democratic, which means the situation won’t change even if the latter get the power.

  • And now there’s this new thing happening in Iran… something about an election of some sort.