This is a guest post by Tiago Veloso, the founder of Visual Loop, a collaborative digital environment for everything related to information design and data visualization. He lives in Brazil, and you can connect with him online on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The shortest month of the year was as busy as any other, or even more, some might say. February was indeed an intense month! I mean, look at all the things that made their way in to the news! Asteroids passing close and meteorites falling, the Pope’s resignation, and let’s not forget MJ’s 50th birthday, the Super Bowl, Oscars night and Valentine’s Day. All of these events invaded our social media timelines, and led to the creation of several interesting infographics and data visualizations.

We at Visual Loop tried to keep up with all those topics and even launched a new weekly series of posts, untitled ‘This Is Visual Journalism’, precisely to give more exposure to the great infographics being published in newspapers and magazines across the world.

Here’s the best of Visual Loop in February.

Featured articles & Cool projects:

Resources, round-ups and selections of visual information goodies, as well as cool data viz projects presented by the authors themselves. Browse around through other news projects featured in February, like this one from Kanny Young:

50 Loneliest Islands in the World, an infographic poster by Kanny Yeung(image:Kanny Yeung)

Here are the featured articles of February:


If you’re interested in getting your data visualization work featured, just reach out using the contact form on Visual Loop’s website.

Interactive Inspiration:

Our weekly selection of Interactive graphics from all over the world. Here’s a small sample of what was posted during last month:

The state of our union is … dumber | The Guardian

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic The state of our union is … dumber
(image:The Guardian )

Social Oscars | Brandwatch

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Social Oscars
(image:Brandwatch )

Tweet Ping | Franck Ernewein

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Tweet Ping
(image:Franck Ernewein )

Billionaires of the World | Bloomberg

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Billionaires of the World
(image:Bloomberg )


Check out the full selection:


Infographic Portfolios:

Every week, a new portfolio from a world-class infographic designer. In February, we had an assorted assembly of designers being featured on Visual Loop. For example, here’s a couple of works from Michael Paukner:

Big Brothers – Satellites Orbiting Earth

Big Brothers - Satellites Orbiting Earth, Infographic by Michael Paukner.
(image: Michael Paukner)

Chinese: The Dominant Language of the Internet

Chinese: The Dominant Language of the Internet, Infographic by Michael Paukner.
Client work. Infographic for The Next Web, Netherlands, 2010 | Michael Paukner


More infographic portfolios:


Vintage InfoDesign:

A series of posts that we started last month and that’s been having a great acceptance from our audience. We feature every Monday examples of old maps, charts, diagrams and graphics like these ones:


Traffic in Portugal (1947) | Junta Autónoma das Estradas

Trânsito em Portugal, infográfico da Junta Autónoma das Estradas
(image: Junta Autónoma das Estradas, 1947)

Tree of Virtues (c.1100) | Conrad of Hirsau

Vintage Infographic Tree of Virtues (c.1100)
(image:Conrad of Hirsau,c.1100  )

World Mountains and Rivers Map (1864) | Alvin Johnson

Vintage Infographic World Mountains and Rivers Map (1864)
(image:Alvin Johnson,1864 )


Here’s the list of last month’s Vintage Infodesign posts:


This is Visual Journalism:

Like we mentioned above, February was also time for the beginning of a new category of weekly posts, named ‘This is Visual Journalism’. Basically, it’s a compilation of some of the most impressive infographic designs that came to our attention, printed in magazines and newspapers all around the world.

Oscar 2013 | Elizabeth Cuevas | La Razón de México

Oscar 2013  , infographic by Elizabeth Cuevas | La Razón de México
(image:Elizabeth Cuevas | La Razón de México )

Born in the Sea | Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva | Revista Saúde

Born in the Sea, infographic by Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva
(image: Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva | Revista Saúde )

Any hope in treating Alzheimer? | Amr Elsawy

Any hope in treating Alzheimer , infographic by Amr Elsawy
(image:Amr Elsawy )


Check out more inspiring print infographics in the following links:



Brief conversations with people that are a reference in the field of data visualization, either globally or locally. In February, we had the opportunity to talk with Tim Frank, currently the Director of Gannett’s Asbury Park Design Studio, and ask him a few questions about the NewsPageDesigner (NPD) social network site – one of our favorites – and its impact on his work.

Talking with… Tim Frank

Evolution can open new doors as other close, as opportunities shift away from traditional media companies. It’s cool that there is so much interest in data visualization and explanatory graphics right now.


And that’s it for this round-up. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates about infographics and data visualization. You should also visit our massive Pinterest collection, with thousands of infographics and a legion of followers growing by the day. And we’ll be back next month with the best of Visual Loop.