Freebie Friday – The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later

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Finally we give away a new must-own title for every creative mind. Our friends from Thames & Hudson are kind enough to offer you a copy of The Advertising Concept Book, hands down the best advertising & inspiration book I have ever read! Read on and enter the giveaway.

The Author – Pete Barry



Pete Barry is a prolific author, art director and teacher (that’s why the book is a complete advertising guide, not a coffee table book). He began his advertising career as an art director at Ogilvy, London, works as a copywriter in New York since 2000 and teaches Advertising Design at Syracuse University (you lucky students!)

The Publisher – Thames & Hudson


Thames & Hudson is one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books on art, architecture, design and visual culture. So this is one of our favorite publishers ever, with tons of books published over the last 60 years on our ‘must read’ list. Every designer should own at least a few titles from Thames & Hudson, not to impress his friends with some coffee table books, but to get inspired and learn new techniques from the most creative minds in the world.

The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later


Long story short, The Advertising Concept Book is an invaluable resource for students, teachers and creative professionals in design, illustration, copywriting and advertising. As I said earlier, it’s not the average inspiration book, with lovely graphics and some caption text. Au contraire! It’s a must read theory book, an Advertising Bible, a manual for creative souls, filled with tons of insights, enlightening explanations and nearly 400 award winning visuals reduced to their essence – concept drawings made by Barry himself. I guarantee you’ll love this book and read it from cover to cover with maximum interest. This is also the perfect gift idea for any design enthusiast and at just $19.99 on Amazon is a steal!


The Giveaway

Enter to win the The Advertising Concept Book:

  • tell us in the comments why do you deserve the most comprehensive and stylish book about design and advertising
  • tweet this message: Win The Advertising Concept Book from Thames & Hudson and @InspiredMag RT to enter the giveaway!

The Winner

Congratulations to all our participants, thank you all for answering and stay tuned for more guys!

Today’s winner is picked by Mr. Pete Barry himself and his name is… Peter VI really wanted to have this book but when i went to the shop to buy it someone took the last one just before me and now i have to wait two months before they get new ones. I had a look at the most of the books about graphic design and “the Advertising Concept Book” really was the best one. Thanks!

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  • Maarja Jullinen

    Sounds fascinating, count me in.

  • I deserve it because I am the first to comment! And I am a graphic designer.

  • I want to learn more about designing and will implement the concept in the book to make my website better

  • I want to be inspired!

  • I am a very curious person and I’d love to improve myself professionally with this book. Each book has an immeasurable value and this will certainly be a great gift for me! I wish good luck to all!!!

  • This book would be a great inspiration, it would build my conceptual skills, and more importantly help me think like an advertiser with most of my projects – more importantly it will most likely help me sell my own services.

  • Fraidy levilev

    I am a recent design graduate with no job and no money. So I spend my time reading books and building my skills. Each book has immense value and I think this book would be a great tool for me.

  • Design is intelligence made visual. Whoever wins the book will surely get ahead with their newfound knowledge in design & marketing.

  • David

    I want to sell it so I can buy more crystal meth

  • Charis

    I may not deserve it, but my creative sould certainly does…

  • Charis

    I meant soul…hurt from the typing bug!

  • @gariphic

    Want + Need. I’m a solo designer, this book would be an invaluable resource. Great idea for a book.

  • I am web designer and have been struggling to become a good graphic designer as well. This book would definitely help me.

    Here is my tweet

  • Richard

    I need to put some spunk into my work and with Christmas coming up, now would be a good time to soak up it’s loveliness.


  • cassidy

    cause i want it, all these people that need it can go buy it.

  • Chuck Armstrong

    I teach graphic design and would be able to share Barry’s wisdom with my students thus elevating not only my creativity but theirs as well.

  • I have too much design going on now, only giving me room to think later.
    I’d really wish to switch these around.

    Not a bad afterthought, but good concept thinking ahead! :)

  • One book that gets down to the nitty-gritty, miss out on this and you would feel shitty.

  • Oh man, such a great book. I really wish i could get my hands on it, i’ve been building a collection of design books and this would be just great.

    I have also re-tweeted the post on my twitter profile.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Everybody deserves it.

  • Darius

    It’s never to late to learn, but the only thing I’m missing at the moment is a good source of inspiration. And I like this book already by its cover.

  • I am a final year design student and would always appreciate good books such as this to improve my skills and gain inspiration further before going into industry!

  • I just spent my lat $20 on gas for a client meeting.

  • This looks great. Count me in.

  • Because my bookcase feels empty without it :(

    Tweeted :

  • I have hit the Mother of all Creative Blocks and I will try anything at this point. I could use a little help.

  • CF

    I deserve the most comprehensive and stylish book about design and advertising because I suck at design and its execution on advertising and I need all the help in the world (oh, scratch that… I need a miracle) to produce a decent output that would make my ancestors mildly proud of the little bastard they produced. Bow.

  • I’ve read many stylish books about design and advertising, but now I need to read the THE MOST comprehensive and stylish book about design and advertising. And I feel lucky today!

  • I think it’d be an awesome resource to keep fresh, change things up a little bit, and impress clients as a coffee table book!


  • yana tzanov

    I deserve this book because I need to try and break every rule that it lists. Starting with design first , think after.

  • Vasileios Manthopoulos

    i know i need this book.
    many questions to be solved
    many right options to be taken
    in the future.

  • ralf schuetz

    wearing sooo many hats as a graphic designer/illustrator. keeping up with trends and knowledge is a full time job. a clever compilation like this book would come in really handy. need some luv…

  • It’s a good book. I have it and I recommend it to others. It’s a nice high-level look at design/advertising.

    (This is not a contest entry)

  • Eva

    It was a dark and stormy night. I hovered over my computer, frantically googling a book i knew about only by the following description from my instructor: “a great book, with all the famous ads drawn in sharpie.” surprisingly, such clever search terms as “ads in sharpie” and “famous ads sketched,” led me to this book. OH HOW I WANTED IT! $20 is too rich for my aspiring-copywriter blood, though; my sharpie budget is strained on a good day (i steal my paper from work. shhh). it’s been languishing on my amazon wishlist for weeks now. i visit it every so often, but the list is always just for wishing. and the customer images just don’t inspire like they should. it’d make all of my fridays feel like freebie fridays if this freebie were to become mine. thank you.

  • rich

    Looks like a great inspirational / informational resource; I’d love a copy.

  • it would help me with my reading and comprehension skills

  • Nic

    Oh P l e a s e let it be me, I soooo need some inspiration right now !

  • Miguel Andrade

    I deserve because I just open my agency… and for a good star nothing more them the best references!!!!

  • After 10 years of doubting my creative capabilities I finally decided to go to school to pursue a dream I had of becoming a graphic designer. I have only 2 weeks left of design school to acquire my graphic design certificate, and have maintained a 4.0 GPA, even though I have only really used a computer for 3 years. The Advertising Concept Book would be a super valuable asset to have. I would love to own it. ^_^

  • Marque kabbaz

    I want to be the best communicator I can be. I want to bring great ideas to life and share them with the world.
    I would love to own this great book.

  • I’m a poor (no money) graphic design student who really wants this book for Christmas.

  • I deserve it because i’m a second year design student and I am trying to get my name out… does that even count as a reason? I hope it does…

  • Jake Hayes

    oh man i would love this book. Im currently a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University studying creative advertising. Being a student I do not have very much money. The money I do get it going towards Grad school. This book would help me with furthering my education. I believe this book would really tap into my learning and release my creative flow. Its up to you guys to decide if I deserve this book. It would be much appreciated.

  • I’m just an undergrad at UCSD studying to go into the advertising industry in the future. I’ve had a lot of things kept from me – the most significant I think would be the freedom to learn what I want and go where I want to go. I’m stuck at home where there is not so much going on in the art scene that I can embrace – but I’m throwing myself out there and getting super involved anyways, trying to do my best to make the best of things. All things said, it would be wonderful to receive a book like this.

  • I need this to help my new business!

  • shy

    wanna learn from the world,do best in china.

  • Fred

    I’m totally out of ideas and this looks as good a place as any to steal some new ones!

  • I need this book because I just get 2 world-class clients and have to study a lot for their campains!

  • Kelly

    I want to be challenged. To use this book to provoke new ideas and encourage me to think outside the box!

  • Mhaddy

    Always looking for inspiration and I cannot think of a better place to look. @mhaddy

  • Silver Sova

    After reading all these comments by students around the world, saying how they could benefit from the book in question for their studies, after reading about Jasmine, an ad student in UCSD, who needs it to push forward, or learning that Chuck, a teacher, would love to use it in his classes, after giggling over the statement from Yana, that she is determined to brake every rule the book lists, I see that I probably don’t need it as much as them. I would set in on the shelf, be happy there’s a book looking oh-so-great in my room and occasionally using it to boost my inspiration. And that’s it. So I’m not going to buy it. I’m not going to spend 20$ on that. It’s just not THAT important. But if there’s someone who really needs it to keep on studying or teaching, then, if you ask me, 20$ isn’t such a huge bump to overcome.

  • wedgie

    ‘cos i’m british, living here trying to work out how the bloody hell you guys think!

    oh yeah, and i’m skint!

  • Ben

    Like nuclear power, reality TV and razors, advertising is only evil in the wrong hands. I need to read this book before I do something foolish with my mind.

  • I often get bogged down in design too early. Need to break the mold with some creative thinking techniques early – hopefully inspired by this book!

  • Nika

    Wow, I definitely must put that one my Amazon wishlist!

  • I deserve it because I want to learn about advertising and because it is my passion, and my college courses have nothing to do with it!

  • Tara O’Connell

    Been in a fast food design agency for too long and fear burnout – I need this book to reinvigorate my career cos I can’t do anythng else!

  • Design & Advertise…An explosive mix ! I need it.

  • I think this book will enhance my advertising concepts and I will be able to master myself in the field of advertising.

  • Elizabeth

    I have this book myself, so don’t put me in the running! I just wanted to say that I adore it, so whoever wins a copy is in for a great treat.

  • Peter V

    I really wanted to have this book but when i went to the shop to buy it someone took the last one just before me and now i have to wait two months before they get new ones.
    I had a look at the most of the books about graphic design and “the Advertising Concept Book” really was the best one.


  • jason

    I’ll read it front to back everyday

  • As a marketing director looking to do the right thing for customers and designers alike, I think this book could change my understanding of the design process and better my team.

  • Rich Hemsley

    I need this book because I’m a design student trying to build my advertising skill set.

  • I am greedy. That’s it!

  • For inspiration, of course! :D

  • lau_anca

    I think I deserve the book because November 27th is my birthday :P And this was on my wish list. Besides that, one of my biggest questions to date is the gap between advertising and design. School didn’t help much and I think that reading this book will enable me to infuse a deeper meaning into the images and the designs I create.

    Thank you

  • lau_anca

    here’s the link to the tweet :

  • Jody Gumbs

    I am a Design student and would consider this book a great asset to my learning.

  • Zillah Bugeja

    I love learning, it’s a thrill, a passion. I love to be inspired and come up with new ahas. Playing with words and images and seeing how many layers and new ideas I can come up with is so exciting. Connections and creations are what I am about. Thanks for helping me to do it better.