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We have covered a few areas of visual inspiration in the last few weeks, but now is the moment to unleash the great motion inspirational power. Under these lines you have a small treasure that you should discover, steal the best links and share it with your buddies, Somali pirate style. As usual, we are […]

Parra is one of the most original & active illustrators on the scene and from time to time he releases cool stuff curated by Arkitip. Now that there’s a Parra iPhone app, we downloaded the game and lost a few hours playing withe the 3 small & fun things: Poppers [like a touch screen version […]

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it’s not even a phone! Mr. Jobs gave us a fantastic product with almost unlimited entertainment power, but we just can’t get enough. So please don’t miss any of these amazing apps for iPhone & iPod Touch! Read More