The Surreal CMS crew does what every new startup should do to get new clients: offer some free licenses in order for a few lucky people to discover it, test it and spread the good word! So we have four prizes: 3 one-year subscriptions ($875), and one lifetime subscription (priceles$). Read the details below and be sure to try this great CMS

What is Surreal CMS?


For those of you who don’t know yet, Surreal CMS is not a technique used by Dali, it’s a popular remotely hosted content management system (CMS) that was designed with simplicity in mind. They say most people who can browse the Web will be able to use Surreal CMS with little to no training. However, here’s some further documentation.

Why Is It So Cool?

Do you want to manage multiple websites from one location, use your existing website(s) and web host(s), get a customizable theme and branding, access the CMS from your own domain that works with virtually any FTP/SFTP server? Well there’s an app for that!

The Giveaway

To win one of the licenses offered by the Surreal team, you must do one of the following. The winners will be randomly picked and listed here Friday. Good luck!

* share us in the comments something that inspired you recently (non-spammy links please)
* write this message on Twitter: “Win Surreal CMS Licenses Worth $1200 from @InspiredMag Please share!”


The Winners

Each entry was written down onto a small piece of paper, folded, and placed into a hat!

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to everyone who participated! A special thanks also to Inspired Magazine for hosting this awesome contest!

First we selected three winners for the one-year prizes:

Lastly, we selected a grand-prize winner who will have a free lifetime subscription to Surreal CMS:

Winner instructions: Surreal CMS will be contacting winners via Twitter on Saturday, August 8th. Please follow and respond to @Surreal_CMS via direct message and provide them with your email address so they can contact you with more information about your prize.