First, as you’re already here, do check out 20 Top Design Blogs Looking for Freelance Writers. It feels like every month there are hundreds of new design blogs being launched, I’m not claustrophobic, but it starting to feel crowded.

Retweets, digg’s, bumps, somehow the new blog gets it’s articles around. I have been running Inspiredology for 2+ years now, and I am very grateful for all the visitors that helped give it the attention. Back then, the blogosphere was represented by a lot of bigger named blogs today – Smashing Magazine, FreelanceSwitch, the TUTS empire and etc… Inspiredology was one of the many smaller blogs, trying to do what it could to reach awesomeness.

Today too many blogs are being created, I feel lost in the information and inspiration. There can only be so many different showcases featuring (insert number here) Examples of Brilliant Illustrations. I understand the internet has endless information, and we are just trying to showcase that. I would just like to go to a few destinations to get all the information. Look at Smashing Magazine, they have been the staple of design blogs for a while now. Recently they just introduced the SM Network, now by using their popularity, they have aggregated more posts from other sites. Which gives them the label of a one stop shop. Is there any real reason for going to any other site?

What I am trying to say is the blogosphere is being over saturated with design blogs. I am writing today to bring up a realistic solution.

Let’s contribute to already established blogs instead of creating new blogs.

I know guest blogging isn’t a new concept, but when you are thinking about launching a new blog be sure to weigh out the options. Think about it, what are the main reasons for starting a blog – you want to express your thoughts. Does it really matter where your thoughts are expressed? Established blogs are always accepting guest writers, and it pays very well, you could crank out two articles a week and make over $2000USD a month. I know I don’t make that much doing what I am doing.

Let’s look on the other side, you want to start a blog to hopefully be the next big thing. Share your thoughts, and hopefully make some money down the road. Let’s not forget starting a blog takes time, you have to come up with an idea (name, logo, brand), purchase a domain, set up your blog, design your blog, and then write good content. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we all know taking care of a blog takes a lot of on going maintenance and management.


There are a number of awesome design blogs. Let’s try to make them better, and not saturating the industry. Let’s face it, the more over-saturated it gets the harder it will be to filter out the bad stuff to get the real good content.

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