Some of the Best Online Invoicing & Billing Applications Reviewed and Compared

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Over the years there has been a gradual shift in the way invoicing is done by professionals across the globe. The shift towards the use of web based invoicing from the traditional excel based invoicing has captured the attention of many and now the use of online invoicing and billing application has almost become indispensible. Excel invoice templates have served us well for years but could never really evolve into an ideal invoicing system. Customizations done on invoice templates would simply mess up when upgrading OS. It was one of the limitations that was in particular annoying and irked the users. And when this just didn’t work there was a need for a better system.

Evolution of web based invoicing came as a relief for businesses dependent on bulk invoicing and freelancers gladly braced it on various counts. Online billing and invoicing applications offer much more than just being accessible from anywhere. With ease of use, greater flexibility, better interface and professional approach web based invoicing applications outscored the traditional cumbersome invoicing. The convenience offered by this modern approach is far greater and takes the pain out of billing. The transition from traditional to modern billing method was rather slow, but in the last three years professionals and business using it have outnumbered the ones not using it. With online invoicing companies have found a way to reduce time and money spend on invoicing, be more organized and effectual in their approach. It has integrated seamlessly with modern businesses, freelancers and other professionals.

Today there are plethora of online invoicing and billing applications available over the Internet and by the time you finish reading this there would at least one new application you will come across. Whether the application deals with basic invoicing, expense & invoice management, or automated invoice processing there are many to choose from so it is best to do your research. So it becomes equally important to choose the application that best suits our needs. The requirements may differ on account of business size, nature, etc. Therefore, we decided to first look at those invoicing systems that address the most basic and simple needs of most businesses i.e. invoicing, with most effectiveness. It was only when we were satisfied with their invoicing capabilities we moved to auxiliary features such as time tracking, expense management, additional accounting, etc. We judged the applications on the criteria we would want ourselves for a simple invoicing application; customization, ease-of-use, and tracking. For the final review we shortlisted three online billing and invoicing applications:


Invoicera is certainly one of the more popular choices amongst people when it comes to invoicing. It is one of the best online billing and invoicing application available which offers complete invoicing solution at the most affordable rate. And since the first point of contact is the front-end website, we decided to examine it. The design is refreshing and the color scheme is very pleasing and gentle to the eyes. The content is nicely distributed over various sections and explains what sets them apart.

The sign up process is short, simple and does not even take a minute to sign-up. The application has a nice clean interface, is friendly and intuitive, with a nice tabbed layout. Therefore, it was easy to navigate and move around without getting caught at any point in time. The user interface (UI) is unarguably amongst the best when compared with many other similar applications. The reports section needs to be improved upon as reports pertaining to taxes, VAT, forecasting, etc were missing. Below is the list of some of the other features:

a) Partial Payments

b) Multiple Language Invoicing

c) Multiple Currency Support

d) Multiple Invoice Templates

e) Customized Invoice Template

f) Export Invoices to PDF

g) Invoice Scheduling

h) Recurring Invoicing

i) Time Tracking for Project Management

j) Expense Management

k) Set Tasks To Do

l) Add Custom Field on Invoices

m) Send Invoices to Multiple contacts

n) Option to Charge Late Fees

o) Line Discounts Available



Freshbooks has been in the market for a while now and is expected to be well versed with the market. The front-end website has been the same for quite some time and, therefore, does not give the same fresh feeling as it used to. The content organization is as it has been is good and nicely distributed. The application interface has often been criticized, but we would really not complain about it, except that the tabbing layout is least impressive. The project time tracking offered by Freshbooks has never been exceptional, but with recent updates it has certainly improved. Reports such as for invoices, estimates, and support tickets have also been mentioned as having issues with poor formatting and not being very presentable. List of available and non-available features is mentioned here:

a) No Partial Payments Available

b) Multiple Language Invoicing

c) Multiple Currency Support

d) Invoice Templates Aren’t Great

e) Export Invoices to PDF

f) No Invoice Scheduling

g) Recurring Invoicing

h) Time Tracking for Project Management ( Can be made more user friendly)

i) Expense Management

j) No Option to Set Tasks To Do

k) No Option to Add Custom Fields

l) Cannot Send Invoices to Multiple Contacts

m) No Line Discounts

n) No Option to Charge Late Fees


Blinksale has been constantly updating both its front-end website as well as the application. The front-end website doesn’t really have an appeal to it and the index page contains too much information. Even though the sign-up is extremely short and simple, the process of entering the activation code does not get the nod. The application is very basic, simple and clean. And when compared with the above two applications it is certainly minimalist in terms of features and interface. It is ideal for beginners or for those who are looking for extremely basic invoicing. Its integration with Basecamp is the standalone key feature and one can only expect a wider feature spectrum in the future. The invoice layout is neat and pretty with the option to send thank you messages. Other features:

a) Uncluttered Invoice Layout

b) Basecamp Integration

c) Create Custom Templates

d) No Time Tracking/Expense Management

e) Offers API

f) Quick and Simple Invoicing


Invoicing and billing form an integral and essential part of business framework and, therefore, the service provider should be chosen carefully. It is easy to get carried away and confused with numerous cloud based invoicing applications available over the Internet and each claiming to be the best. After evaluating various web based applications we zeroed on these three applications and after conducting in-depth analysis found Invoicera to be the most viable option. It offers the widest range of features which are often required by small and medium businesses, freelancers and other professionals. Their support is fantastic and their pricing is ultra competitive. It is unbelievable to come across such a powerful invoicing application at such nominal pricing. But since invoicing needs and requirements differ from business to business, it is highly recommended that they are self tested. Its only when you are convinced that your clients would appreciate the choice of your billing application, you should consider purchasing the plan that best suits your requirements.

Now – your turn! What invoice app do you use and what do you think about these three?

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  • Rob

    HEY. you’ve missed off Digital Invoicing!!

  • I really think Curdbee should be on this list. I was a Quickbooks Pro user for a long time, but the simplicity of Curdbee is really appealing to me.

    The only thing I wish it had that it doesn’t is time tracking

  • Peilllis

    I use siwapp ( and it’s open source!

  • Hi,

    I use Ronin for my invoices. And … just waw. Easy, quick; all i need. Givi it a try ->


  • I use – the templates aren’t the greatest, but it’s free, unlimited and gets the job done :)

  • Glad to see Blinksale on this list. I’d love to help you if you’d like to get started and answer any questions you have. patrick at blinksale dot com

  • Check out the Bee ( . It’s simple, and very easy to use.

    The Bee

  • helping article. thanks

  • I stated using paymo. (
    It has a really easy to use time tracker, makes it easy to overview projekts, clients and tasks – plus it is free if you are just one person using is – perfect for freelancers!

  • interesting article thanks

  • Richard

    How about

  • nBill for Joomla based sites is a great billing/invoicing tool. I’ve tried a few billing programs and found having complete control over the entire application is much easier and cheaper.

  • Joshua

    +1 for Curdbee when it comes to online invoicing. I’ve been with this service for almost a year and I must say they are doing great stuff and make life easier for their users.

    Oh btw seems another invoicing tool is trying to get close to Curdbee (just saw that for the first time – “getthebee” in a comment above). Shame on you. You can’t even get close to what Curdbee has to offer.

  • These look like excellent programs. I think I may start using one of these programs!

  • Steve

    Zoho invoice ftw!

  • Moabi

    I use GrandTotal, easy and nice…

  • John

    Checkout, I found this Online Invoicing website to be one of the best thus far. Its so clean and simple to use, I noticed ever since i started using billgrid my payments have been coming in regularly and I dont have to hassle my client for receiving payments. Billgrid is perfect for small to medium business and freelancers.

  • We use Harvest for 10+ contractors and 20+ clients and it works really well.

  • andrew

    Great post. I recommend It’s nearly instant and creates multiple invoices ready to be emailed.

  • Hitesh Bubbar

    These are the top 3 online invoicing applications. While Freshbooks and Blinksale are brilliant in their pursue, Invoicera stays at the top being a comprehensive online invoicing and time tracking application..

    I guess it’s hard being the owner of any such application, cause the competition out there is cut-throat.

  • Sally

    I think some of the online invoicing softwares were definitely missed. I am using Invoiceberry for almost 4 months and I am super happy with the easy to use software and the customer service.

  • Ben Carlson

    I checked Freshbooks, Zoho, Blinksale and Invoicera.. but none of them matched my requirements. Ex: need to call quotations instead of estimates, need to customise invoice columns, add company registration number, customise the position of company info on invoice etc. Finally found Billbooks which worked for me. I am amazingly happy..

  • Mark

    Did you try out CloudBooks? I would recommend you to give it
    a try at
    starts from $2 per month. Give it a Try!

  • Craig Anderson

    Thankyou for this article, I looked upon Invoicera and found exactly what I needed. Try to look upon others also.