Freebie Friday – Download the Social Eyesores Icon Pack

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We’re starting the 2010 series of Freebie Friday giveaways with the most creative social icon pack you’ll ever come across on the Interwebs! The author is Xavier Gallego Moya, the Barcelona based artist who created the Eyesores world! And while you’re at it, check out the first Inspired Release – The Social Bird Icon Set

The Icon Pack

RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LastFM, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace – we’ve got them all! Click here to download the icon pack with 7 different icons (both 32×32 pixels and 100×100 pixels versions). So feel free to show off your social icons created by Xavier exclusively for Inspired Mag’s readers. Use them anywhere on your blog or other social outlets you like to hang out on.

The Eyesores

When they’re not offered as the coolest icon pack in the hood (Download here), the Eyesores are unique, creative and funny characters that live inside a popular Facebook application with over 740,000 users. They are virtual gifts, ready to be sent around the world to places as far flung as Indonesia, Colombia and the USA. Each Eyesore carries a quirky message and the unique hand-drawn style of Xavier, making the Eyesores application one of the most loved virtual gift platforms on Facebook.

Xavier Gallego

“I live, eat, and fall in love in Barcelona. I’ve wanted to be an illustrator my whole life (as well as a Ninja Turtle), and hold degrees in Publicity and Graphic Design. Being a Ninja Turtle didn’t work out, and whilst thinking what to do next I began to keep an illustrated diary of funny characters I saw in the world around me which I called Eyesores. After my friends and family encouraged me to create more, I decided to share my Eyesores with the world. So I built a Facebook application.

In 2007 the Eyesores application was launched and I haven’t looked back since. The application lets people send my little creations to each other as virtual gifts with a message, and express the same feelings I feel when I create each character. I now have over 740,000 people from all around the world using the application, and more and more people join the Eyesores World every day. The future of Eyesores looks really exciting, with comics, animations and clothing all in development – the sky is the limit!”

So make sure you download the icon pack, install the Facebook app, check out Xavier’s portfolio, connect with him on Twitter + Facebook and tell us what you think of them all. Cheers!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Ha ha, these are sooooooooo awesome! Thanks!

  • preeeety nice :) thx !

  • Sandri

    I loveeee eyesores!!!! i want destops and screamsavers!!!!!!! pleaseee!!!

  • Hello guys!
    thanks for your comments : ) hope you enjoy the icons and spread the word.
    lot of love.

  • Xinxaneta

    I love eyesores!!!!!!! All of them!!! Really new, fresh and originals! :-)))

  • Bachman

    funniest icon pack i’ve ever seen!!!

  • Nickito

    wow, these are awesome! Putting them on my blog right now :)

  • Haha funny and quality at the same time, good job!

  • Wow! Great icons, I will definately use them :) Thanks!

  • caganer judio

    Eyesores look great! are they just virtual or do you make clothing and accessories? I need something unique for my girlfriend for valentines day… please help.

  • Ha, the Eyesores one is just awesome. Would be cool to have as a figurine on my desk.

  • Haha, these are cool.

  • Lol, these are awesome.

  • Seems like the bird would be better for twitter instead of RSS, but other than that, these are awesome :)

  • :)

    Why can`t you post Eyesores on our wall in Facebook? Is there any way?

  • Hello guys!
    there’s a facebook app that you can send the eyesores on the other people walls->

    or you can follow them on twitter @eyesores : ) actually is me.

    thanks for the comments.

  • so cute!!!!
    I love eyesores!

  • Irena

    I can’t believe how original and cute they are! love them!!

  • Irena

    love them! :)

  • DT

    very good, l need some for my blog l think

  • law

    where`re the phothos?

  • anayil

    excuse to add these icons to my blog ?

  • Great design. Very cute work. thanks