Yay, we’re 6 months old already! Thank you for being with us all this time and here’s a glimpse of what’s coming next

New Look

As some of you already noticed, we got a new facelift – nothing major – but with a better readability, more focus on the content, some search-related improvements, new comments area design, a new box in the header where you’ll find hot info every day, and an overall fresh touch by Derek from Valen Designs. We still have quite a few things to add, so stay tuned!



What’s Next

  • a fresh article every day, no matter what, sometimes even in the weekend
  • new interview series with the most creative guys in the design field (starting tomorrow with a webdesign superstar, stay tuned!)
  • more exclusive freebies & discounts every Tuesday
  • the new Digital Goodies Shopping Guide, starting later today
  • at least one Inspired original release per month (like the Social Bird Icon Pack)
  • some other secret projects we’re not telling you about yet :]

Thank you’s