Showcase of Strange but Absolutely Beautiful Illustration Portfolios

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We love illustrators as much as any design enthusiast does! In fact we love them a bit more :-] because we actually went trough a huge list and select a few with strange but outstanding works in order to showcase them here. Please feel free to comment on your favorites and suggest others. Also, please check 10 Niche Social Networks to Get Your Design Creativity On.

Nate Williams


Andy James Nelson


Nathan Sanders


Grande Deluxe




Zach Ohara


Andrey Gordeev


Ken Garduno


Kristian Hammerstad


Kate Elizabeth


Alberto Ceriteno


Ricardo Cavolo




Rod Hunt


Matti Kemppainen




Allan Sanders


Mark Verhaagen


So, what’s your favorite guys? Do you have other suggestions?

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  • Haha..the last one looks like gizmo from the gremlins! :)

  • Awesome creativity. Bravo!

  • Nate Williams – Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours, and that style.

  • Yeah… some are really strange… Zombie folio reminded me of early horror books illustrations… Trash forever!

  • I do really like the one of Zach Ohara, it’s just great!

  • DJ

    Great post! I found an illustrator online and he has a pretty cool site and nice blog.

  • haha omg absolutly fantastic – very very nice

  • Yeah Right

    Herman brood should be up there

  • Orangetiki

    Hot damn these are great. Makes me want to quit the day job and go live in a cave and draw all day

  • Weird and unique ! cool collection ! keep up the good work

  • Some of these are really weird. …Fantastic!

  • njanja13

    Awesome :)

  • i love the cute robot drawn on the table! Awesome work

  • drawing lines

    check out !!

  • monsters, cute robots, strange giant creature-things. those must be required subjects in illustration 101 at every art school on the planet.

    another class must be “how to draw strange nostrils instead of a nose”.

    if you follow illustration blogs and sites, these few themes for some reason are utterly rampant. maybe it will pass, like “gel cap navigation buttons”, “sun beam backgrounds” and “page peel” that every other website design portfolio had about 3 years ago. Oh, and “shiny chicklet button things”…

  • These are awesome, love the last one!

  • Cool list BUT missing my friend Curt Merlo: – awesome artist – purist :)

  • Awesome showcase!

  • Love Ken Garduno’s work! Really inventive and such a great style too :)

  • Jeremy

    check out, some of the best illustrators i’ve seen

  • Veronica

    :/ agree with Douglas, this stuff is getting old.

  • Awesome illustrations indeed!

  • Janne
  • Nice collection of different artist view

  • abhijit

    Nathan Sanders nice and intelligent

  • Ooh – there are some illustrators here I don’t know about – might have to get a few of these guys on Ape on the Moon!

  • amazing and beautiful illustrations.

  • beautiful and scary at the same time.
    Great illustrations, indeed.

  • lots of great work i hadn’t seen yet… thanks!

  • Check out, really good stuff

  • Also missed this one by Cadburywolf

  • Beautiful stuff, makes me rather jealous!

  • stunning illustrations. Great work, a lot of stuff I haven’t seen before.

    Truly inspiring.

  • Keven Bouchard

    That’s totally ugly…

    Seriously, I call that Lazy Drawings. It’s a form of art ? a style ? bullshit… there’s nothing clean, though, hardly done here.

    Those which are really worth seeing here are only Andrey Gordeev and Allan Sanders. The others are only photoshop tutorials mess or lazy hand drawings.

    Seriously, you can do A LOT better than a post like that.

  • Very nice collection and nice to see a new selection of illustrators- a lot of these I have not met yet.- Of to do so now :)

  • Totally agree, These illustrations are works that you won’t see everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  • Helpath

    I don’t understand what the big hype over kindergarten-quality drawings are…

    I’m not trying to bring anyones work down, I want a real genuine answer, the first two in particular.

    I understand these guys call it a “style” but where do they draw the line?

    “Modern art”, you know, the white square with a white background in a white frame.. Or the 3 small circles surrounded by 3 meters of blank canvas… Absolutely sad.

    Most of these artworks are awesome, though.