This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings & sister site! Below you will see thematic selections of inspirational architecture & design, which might help you start your very own design project and get matched with design professionals.

In recent years, gentrification and the adapitve reuse of (industrial) buildings that goes with it has become a sort of a fashion in dwelling. The valuable aspect of this trend is that it results in original and surprising architecture in which the specific history of a place or a structure is preserved and another layer is added to it. Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like to inhabit a space originally designed for purposes far different from the residential – a recycled home?

Ricardo Bofill: The Cement Factory

Recycled Homesimage: Ricardo Bofill

AABE: Dusseldorf Factory Loft

Recycled Homesimage: Jean-Luc Laloux

Abaton: Former Stable in Extremadura

Recycled Homesimage: Abaton

Zecc Architecten: Chapel Utrecht

Recycled Homesimage: Cornbread Works

Ruud Visser Architecten: House in a Church

Recycled Homesimage: René de Wit

Brian Messana Architect: The Tank House

Recycled Homesimage: Brian Messana

Crepain Binst Architecture: Water Tower

Recycled Homesimage: Crepain Binst Architecture


The Apartment: From Gym to Apartment

Recycled Homesimage: The Apartment

Piercy Conner Architects/Duncan Jackson: Martello Tower Y

Recycled Homesimage: Edmund Sumner

The Pump House

Recycled Homesimage: Hunters