This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings & sister site! Below you will see thematic selections of inspirational architecture & design, which might help you start your very own design project and get matched with design professionals.

Sometimes it takes a single design piece to change the entire atmosphere of a space. Puppy, the abstract dog designed by Eero Aarnio for the Me Too Collection by Magis, has surely become a design world icon because of its adorable easy-to-match-with-any-interior looks. The Puppy’s lovably stylized appearance has also rendered it a popular model in home decor advertising as well as in a string of whimsical and heart-warming photography around the Internet. But is it a sculpture, a toy or a stool? You decide! See the Puppy in a variety of real life home settings here.

Eero Aarnio: Eero Aarnio’s House

Puppy Interiorsimages: Rachel Smith

Simon Morray-Jones Architects: Rooftop Garden

Puppy Interiorsimage: Blue Sky Landscapes

Guilherme Torres: GT House

Puppy Interiorsimage: Studio Guilherme Torres

Brunete Fraccaroli: A Dublex

Puppy Interiorsimage: Brunete Fraccaroli

Jorge Zarak: El Otro Lado

Puppy Interiorsimage: Design Hotels

Guilherme Torres: Puramania Shop

Puppy Interiorsimage: Studio Guilherme Torres

Design nico Architects: PORT

Puppy Interiorsimage: Design nico Architects

Scandinavian Interior

Puppy Interiorsimage: Per Gunnarsson

Puppy in a flickr user’s home

Puppy Interiorsimage: flickr user j5k