33 Curious Uses of Periodic Tables – Great Visualizations or Mendeleev’s Worst Nightmare?

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One of the first contacts we all have with a data visualization, in the early stages of our academic life, is the Periodic Table of Elements. I know, we do graphs and charts way before that, but, really, is there a more universal, and recognizable, data visualization in the world?

And not to mention that it goes way back, more than 200 years of history, which makes it one of the first modern data visualizations, as well. If want to fully understand the history, and evolution of the Periodic Table of Elements, a good place to start is the Wikipedia article.

But what we’ll be showcasing here are some…how should we call it…deviations of the original one.

Because, as you will see, the term “Periodic Table” has gone far beyond the original scientific use…

Periodic Table of World Internet Facts | Via

The Periodic Table Of The Social Web | Via

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors | Via

Periodic Table Guide to Google’s APIs | Via

You have it for businesses, organizations, sports and several other occupations…

Arsenal’s Periodic table | Via

Everton F.C. Periodic Table | Via

Periodic Table of Professional Cycling | Via

The Periodic Table of Business Cards | Via

Periodic Table of Storytelling | Via

Periodic Table of Artists | Via

Periodic Table of Typefaces | Via

The Periodic Table of Nickelodeon | Via

Also, covering serious issues…

Periodic Table of Elements, in Pictures | Via

Periodioc Table of Food | Via

Periodic Table of Dessert | Via

Periodic Table of Disasters | Via

Periodic Table of Terrorist Organizations | Via

…and not so serious…

Periodic Table of Smellements
| Via

Periodic Table of Beer | Via

The periodic table of awesoments | Via

Periodic Table of Vulgarity | Via

Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense | Via

Periodic Table of Swearing | Source

And you even have it for places:

Periodic Table of Hong Kong | Via

Let’s not forget entertainment!

The Periodic Table of Mad Men | Via

Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television | Via

Periodic Table of Science Fiction | Via

Periodic Table Of Super-Powers | Via

Periodic Table of The Empire Strikes Back | Via

Periodic Table of Videos [Interactive] | Via

Periodic Table of Controllers | Via

Periodic Table of Final Fantasy Characters | Via

And, last, but not least…

The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables | Via

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some other “periodic table extravaganzas” out there. If so, feel free to share them!

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