Shopify has just announced that they have released a plugin for WordPress that allows their users to sell their products through WordPress, while still getting  all the features and security that comes with Shopify. Along with the plugin, Shopify is also introducing three new, beautiful themes. According to Shopify: As usual, you’ll still manage all of […]

Ramotion Mockups

So you have created the most amazing app or website and you can’t wait to show it to the rest of the world, however when you want to show it off you decide to just upload a hideous screenshot. Do you see the problem here? Using a realistic device photo could have made your product […]


Greetings earthlings, we’ve come to drop this list of web development and design resources for you to revamp your site and your demanding clients’, find a great Flexbox-like CSS framework, JavaScript libraries for networking graphics drawing, audio processing and synthesizing, a collection of animation libraries for JavaScript, the jQUery versión of Medium’s zoom function, a […]

Find the right candidate

If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, then you are definitely missing out a golden chance to maximize your business revenue. Developing a mobile application for your business is not optional anymore, because today’s customers generally spends most of their time on apps as compared to the websites. Creating an excellent mobile application requires […]

SEO feature image

Some say that search engine optimization, or SEO, is a science, while others claim it is all luck. The truth is, it is a combination of both. You have to follow some rules to get your website ranked, but you also need to pick the right points, at the right time, to have an influential […]


Seeing as how the Brixton WordPress theme was the 3rd best selling WordPress Blog Theme on Themeforest in 2015, we wanted to see what all the hype was about. This is particularly true considering the developers have released quite a few new features and bug patches, hopefully making it even better than it originally was. Upon […]

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