One thing you notice when you move around a lot, is the fact that there is one thing almost every house in the world has in common. They all have some form of a kitchen, whether it is a huge modern kitchen or a small space with a fire pit,  in almost every house the kitchen […]


We know how difficult is to get quality freebies, not just for inspiration but to save time. That’s why this release of our monthly gathering brings several design resources for you to enjoy. Among them, you’ll find PSD mockups, logo showcases, PSD templates, stationery designs, resume templates, app screens and more. Be sure to download […]


First impressions matter, especially for online stores. Whether your clients are selling children’s shoes, ceramic bowls, or cuckoo clocks, a storefront has approximately 10 seconds to impress, captivate, and seduce a customer’s imagination. Like an eye-catching window display on a busy street, a visually-appealing storefront will help your clients stand out from the competition and […]


Whether you’re doing the online marketing for your business yourself, or you’re outsourcing it to a web designer or agency, one of the most important metrics to keep track of is your online conversion rate. In the “11 essentials of a successful web design”  tracking conversions is touted as the key to be able to […]


Danny Richman has spent the past five years working with more than 1,200 entrepreneurs to help them improve their business online, in other words, if there is one person who knows about the struggles faced by entrepreneurs then it would definitely be him. In a recent survey he asked these entrepreneurs what specific challenges they […]


As you know, we release a monthly update of fresh resources. The current list has fresh tools and resources for designers and developers, including markdown editors, frameworks, CSS snippets, jQuery plugins, remote testing tools, CSS animation libraries and many more. Enjoy! A Compelling Code Snippet for Making Magical CSS3 Hover Animations ReadRemaining.js: A Remaining Reading […]

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