Scrum is a great way of making sure teams are focused, problems are swiftly resolved and production can be realistically measured. The idea of your production team and client co-working at a central location or perhaps inviting your client to join the daily scrum is the ideal scenario – unfortunately for most of us this isn’t […]


This is the third logo bundle to come out of the 5in1 Mega Bundle series, and this is probably the biggest logo bundle bundle ever to be released by the guys at Dealjumbo. This mega bundle contains  38 logo and shape items from 5 premium design shops. With this offer, you will save almost 93% on the […]


Skeuomorphic visual design is dead, flat design has become a popular web trend in the last few years, and is largely used in web designs. Flattening of the web designs, however, creates a void. But, adding motion to digital screen seems to have helped fill this void. In fact, lots of interface designers are adopting movement patterns. […]


Information overload, long days in front of the computer, meetings, deadlines, assessments, tax returns, payments, calls, more meetings, bills, technical errors (or otherwise). Most days are just a tough-crazy-tedious ride. They might even seem harder and longer for those who tinker with the technical bits in their daily professional routine, while also juggling the creative […]


With most skills, there are numerous tips and tools available from experts, professionals and people who practice the craft that can shed light on the some of the challenges with an undertaking. Writing is no exception. There are useful tools, available mostly for free on the Internet that can help any writer become more productive, […]


The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at how much to charge for your designs, Adobe suing Forever21 due to piracy as well as design trends […]

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