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Every web designer will tell you that work can sometimes become very stressful and in certain ways very complicated, sometimes all you really want to do is sit back and relax for a second. Some turn to drastic measures such as alcohol to calm down after a busy day, other people turn to different forms […]

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Does your website currently use tons of visuals such as videos, infographics or animations? Have you noticed that over time the speed of that site has progressively decreased, and you’re not sure why? Chances are, your increased use of visuals is cutting into the way your website can serve up information to end users. In […]


If you dream big and don’t want to limit your online business to the national market, you should pay attention to certain details in the development of your website. Globalization changed the mere concept of web design and in order to succeed on the international market you have to play along with the common rules. There are […]

Multi purpose themes

There are literally thousands of themes out there for WordPress, however did you know that there are some themes which allow you to create more than 100 different websites with just ONE theme? In this post we look at 5 Premium WordPress themes that all come with multiple designs, many of these themes have already been […]


How’s it going fellows? Come and get soaked in this month’s cascade of amazing plugins to give your website a nice and fresh belt of  powerful tools. Grab and take all you can like on-the-web command line tools, gaming development resources, placeholders, UI kits, delightful plugins for amazing user experience regarding looks, loading, tips, search, […]


As you might have noticed we are crazy about the Divi theme, and now with the new Divi Builder Plugin you can bring the love to all third party themes. This plugin will allow you to use the Divi Builder with any theme, and it will also make it easy to migrate posts and pages […]

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