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Websites have become the primary marketing tool for businesses. It’s become easier than ever to get a website designed, and today, you can get a successful website up and running without investing a lot of money. Apart from increasing brand awareness, websites have another critical job on their hands – convert traffic into leads and […]


Businesses with over 40 landing pages generated 12 times more leads than other companies with just 1-5 landing pages, according to a study by HubSpot. Wouldn’t it be nice for your online store to improve its leads and conversions by 12 times the current rate? The first step is creating a landing page, or a […]

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The guys at MightyDeals have some pretty amazing deals going on, and today’s deal is simply awesome! If you are looking for a great font bundles deal, then you will be very excited to hear about the 10 high quality professional vintage style typefaces deal.  If you haven’t already bought it already, then you really need to […]


Check out our new sister site: SHOPPIES, the ecommerce awards offered to the best up-and-coming online shops for excellence in user experience and web design. This the end of the month roundup featuring the best shops, what platforms they’re using, the SHOPPIES grades (for UX, identity & content), and a short description. Hopefully this will […]

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When it comes to 2015 web design trends, it is quite obvious that there is a huge focus that is put on responsive design. It was proven that it responsive web design will trigger conversions and Google is now paying close attention to the sites that are optimized for mobile traffic. With this in mind, […]


Hello, guys! We know how much you love to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to trends and neat resources. That’s why we’re bringing you the freshest freebies the internet has to offer. Take a moment to explore and download awesome icons, templates, fonts and more! Have fun using the content and share […]

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