New Infographic – Everything You Need to Know About Social Networks

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Yep, we all know social networks are a big deal and all. But our friends from Tech King released a new stellar infographic to show you just How incredibly popular Social Networking really is. Check it out below or click here for the full version.

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  • I’m sorry. I do not know, why does Indonesia not belong into that picture? :?:

  • This is quite useful information to know, thanks for sharing. I have always been more of a facebook fan personally but I think in terms of use for business twitter is more useful and facebook is more of a personal thing.

  • Excellent statistics and well presented graphically. Will Twitter ever be as big as Facebook?

  • MarFa

    That’s cool… but in Latin America should take the sample form another different country. That stadistic is not a good sample from this region.

  • graphicjer

    Surprised there aren’t more geezers like me using social networking. I guess my peer-group is relatively advanced.

  • This is veryuseful information to know, thanks for sharing! Bute where is Sweden on this map?

  • This is a great infograph. Thanks for all the useful information.