Frebie Friday – Win Super Sleek MoviePeg iPhone Stands

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Today we’re happy to announce a new edition of our Inspired Giveaway series, this time in collaboration with our friends from magneticNorth – the creators of MoviePeg. So get down and grab a the sleek, portable iPhone stand while is hot!


Working out of the UK, mN look at the world around them and respond with ideas that are filled with charm, playfulness, and curiosity, brought to life with a sprinkle of digital voodoo. As well as telling our clients’ stories through our commissioned work (for people like BBC, Kellogg’s and Tate) we also bring the mN story to life by producing our own digital products. mN’s product portfolio includes MIXA, a digital mixtape sold in over 40 countries, Twitter movie buzz site Skinni Popcorn, Flickr based iPhone app Biscuit Tin, Cinema Redux, a MOMA exhibited art project that explores the idea of distilling films down to a single image and now Movie Peg.


MoviePeg is a simple yet elegant portable iPhone stand that allows the world’s iPhone users to watch movies and more, hassle free. Now there’s no need to awkwardly prop up your iPhone with a bag or an over complicated tripod contraption. With MoviePeg in your pocket you’ll only ever be one step away from relaxed viewing heaven.

Designed ergonomically to fit the curves of the iPhone, MoviePeg isn’t just for watching movies. Use it in the kitchen when following recipes; with the guys watching sports games; as a night-stand for your alarm clock; on location as a handy “tripod” for your camera; in the garage working through those how-to instructions; or keeping the kids entertained without the evidence of sticky little fingers.

The Giveaway

Enter to win one of the four cool iPhone stands:

  • tell us in the comments why you like MoviePeg
  • follow @moviepeg
  • tweet this: Win a super sleek @MoviePeg iPhone stand from @inspiredmag RT to enter!

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  • Craig Paterson

    Fantastic little contraption, I want one of those to allow me to watch videos and movies without having to hold my iPod touch all the time. And for using it as clock on my desk!

  • it looks so cool and above all useful!!! things get really complicated when it comes to watch a video on youtube and you want to do it with a friend or two. and it also looks great thinking about iPhone OS4 and the bluetooth keyboard support. I wanna have it. It looks ok for iPhone 4 too

  • sam

    looks great- no more cramped wrists when trying to watch with friends!

  • lewismcarey

    Simplicity and function at it’s best, and how good does it look for it?!

  • Ben Lidgey

    Such a simple yet functional and robust design. Lovely!

  • Jeremy

    Simple, yet superbly functional… I need this!

  • gavin

    These should be in the box already! Quality and simple. The way it should be

  • John

    Need this for the long plane rides :)

  • I’ve seen many stands that cost ridiculous amounts but this seems so simple and easy. Would love one!

  • These look awesome! I want one because i’m a bit lazy and get fed up hold my iPhone when watching a movie.

  • t.r.

    I can finally stop fumbling.

  • Because my incase holder only lets me display my iphone on its side, which is no good for reading push notifications that come through :)

  • N8i

    Some of the best ideas are always the simpliest! I would love one of these!

  • keiermann

    supercool thing, I need it!

  • It looks really neat with the simplistic design and yet the ability to put your device in landscape or portrait mode!

  • Awesome to make a Status screen with the iPhone at work!