Every once in a while we feature amazing design & development bundles, but today I can’t help featuring a deal aimed at entrepreneurial minds rather than designers and developers. First of all the Lean Startup Bundle has a tremendous list of useful apps, services and books that will help you with your (future) online projects and I don’t think you can get a better deal at this time anywhere else on the Internet – it’s  more than 98% OFF!!

What’s in the bundle:

  • Twilio

    Regularly: $50
    Build powerful voice and SMS apps
  • Pivotal Tracker

    Regularly: $108
    Build better software, faster
  • Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup Book

    Regularly: $26
    Get the first copies of Eric Ries’s new book: The Lean Startup. (reg. $30)
  • Postmark

    Regularly: $37
    Email delivery experts for your Startup
  • StartupWeekend

    Regularly: $99
    1 ticket to Any Startup Weekend event world-wide
  • HipChat

    Regularly: $594
    6 months
    Real-time chat for your team
  • Ask your target market

    Regularly: $112
    The best tool to do customer research.
  • Pandaform

    Regularly: $300
    Simple database to manage all forms your company needs
  • Hacker Monthly

    Regularly: $9
    3 months
    Hacker Monthly 3 Month Digital Subscription
  • Launchbit

    Regularly: $49
    Step-by-step guide to launch your Internet company
  • Ginzametrics

    Regularly: $76
    1 years
    Optimize your SEO with Ginzametrics!
  • Feefighters

    Regularly: $49
    Get the Best Deal on Credit Card Processing in Minutes
  • Kissmetrics

    Regularly: $100
    The most accurate person-based analysis!
  • Crazyegg

    Regularly: $228
    Crazy Egg – see where visitors are clicking on your site (reg. $228)
  • Slidedeck

    Regularly: $99
    The Perfect Tool to Design a Product Tour for your Website
  • SauceLabs

    Regularly: $49
    Run Pain Free, Faster Selenium Tests with No Config.
  • Chargify

    Regularly: $200
    Chargify – Build Your Business, Not Your Billing System ($200 credit)
  • uTest

    Regularly: $1000
    On-Demand Software Testing
  • Lessaccounting

    Regularly: $300
    3 months
    Bookkeeping sucks We make it suck less.
  • Snapengage

    Regularly: $76
    Live-chat with your visitors. AppSumo uses it :)
  • Uservoice

    Regularly: $105
    Finally, support that doesn’t suck.
  • 99designs

    Regularly: $69
    Free featured listing
  • Batchbook

    Regularly: $900
    Manage contacts & conversations with Batchbook , your Social CRM
  • Textingly

    Regularly: $300
    Enables you to text your users
  • Infochimps

    Regularly: $40
    Infochimps is a marketplace where you can find, share and build on data
  • WP Engine

    Regularly: $300
    Finely tuned WordPress
  • Server Density

    Regularly: $120
    Server monitoring as a service – are your servers working properly?
  • Geckoboard

    Regularly: $597
    Your Business in real time
  • Running Lean

    Regularly: $19
  • Venture Hacks

    Regularly: $19
    The Venture Hacks Bible: 1000 pages, and growing. PDF.
  • Udemy

    Regularly: $0
    “Startup and Go” Video Series on the First Steps to Building a Technology Company
  • Trada

    Regularly: $500
    Paid Search, powered by a crowd of experts.
  • Andrew Chen & Sean Ellis ebooks

    Regularly: $40
    Andrew Chen & Sean Ellis ebooks (reg. $38)
  • Zencoder

    Regularly: $50
    Quickly convert videos into web & mobile formats with Zencoder.

Now do yourself a favor and check out this amazing 98% OFF deal – once it’s gone – it’s gone forever!